Casper prepares his live action series on the origins of the friendly ghost

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There are hardly any franchises left that survive the reboots, remakes, prequels, and sequels that come years later. Y “casper”the film released in 1995 by the director Brad Silverling beside steven spielberg in production, it is not the exception, given that, as it became known in the last few hours, he is preparing a live action series.

This was reported by the specialized media Deadline, detailing that the episodes will be for the American TV network, Peacock, but that it will probably be available in some streaming platform both in Latin America and in Latin America.

Christina Ricci in “Casper”

the screenwriter Kai Yu Wu, author of “The Flash”, “Hannibal” and “The Ghost Bride” will be in charge of making the series, of which few details are known. Among them, it will have a darker tone than her original film, something like the style that the Netflix series “Riverdale” and “Sabrina” explored.

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Scriptwriter Kai Yu Wu to Direct the “Casper” Series

It is very likely that in the case of a prequel, the cast will be completely renewed. Although we know that there are always ways to honor the historic performances of Christina Ricci as Kat Harvey, and Bill Pullman as Dr. James Harvey.

What we can guarantee is that Ricci will participate in another of the series that has been reversing a success of the ’90s. We talk about “Wednesday”preparing Tim Burton for Netflix and that will be focused on the character of Merlina Addams, in this version, starring Jenna Ortega.

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