Cashback up to E295 for selected ASUS Tuf Gaming products

Register the invoice of a product ASUS and get your refund. And if you add a monitor and/or router to your computer, an additional refund.

If you are about to buy a monitora router or a computer do not miss this opportunity.

Well, if you participate you can get important refunds on selected products.

When you choose a Powered by ASUS computer you will enjoy the maximum performance and reliability, and as if this were not enough, you will also save €130, €155 or €255.

Selected Category 1 ASUS Products are:

MotherboardsGraphic cardsMonitorsRoutersLiquid coolingPower suppliesChassis

Selected Category 2 ASUS Products are:

ASUS Powered Computers*

Category 1 Participating Platforms:

ASUS Store by MacmanCoolmodLatest ComputingNeobyteLifeWipoidVersusPCBoxPcComponentes

Category 2 Participating Platforms:

CoolmodLatest ComputingNeobyteLifeWipoidVersusEpical-QPCBox

How do I get the refund from ASUS?

Acquire a selected product ASUS between March 16, 2023 and April 27, 2023 on one of the participating platforms and keep the invoice Access the “Get TUF, Game Tough Promotion”Fill in the form with the requested data Upload your bill between March 30, 2023 and the May 11, 2023

Request Refund

After a short verification, you will receive your refund directly to your bank account within approximately 90 days.

Each participant can only claim 1 product selected category 1 i.e. motherboard, graphics card, liquid cooler, power supply and/or chassis; or category 2 Powered by ASUS PC (with extra reimbursement for monitor and/or a category 1 ASUS router).

you will get a additional refund adding an ASUS monitor and/or router to your Powered by ASUS computer.

It cannot be combined with other products in category 1 (Motherboards, graphics cards, liquid coolers, power supplies and chassis).

Go for it!

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