Casa del Libro raffles 5 copies of Horizonte de Estrellas

Celebrate this month of “terror” with one of the best titles that has won the Minotaur Prize 2022 and that draws House of the book.

This famous award is given to assess the good work of books focused on science fiction, Fantastic literature and terror in Spanish.

So if you like these themes, start by enjoying the latest award-winning title: Stars Horizon.

The story of Soleyko, an engineer who works on a colonizing mission that goes awry and the protagonist will have to deal with a strange DNA mutation and a new alien species that he knows nothing about.

An incredible story that you can now enjoy by participating in this draw in which they distribute 5 copies.

How do I participate in the Casa del Libro raffle?

Take part

You can participate until November 6th of 2022.

On Monday November 7 2022, the 5 winners will be chosen and communicated via email.

So be very careful because you will only have 48 hours to respond and accept the prize.


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