Carrefour raffles 5 school scholarships of E1000

Go back to school in style with one of the 5 school scholarships of €1,000 who distributes Carrefour in this great giveaway.

Currently, it has been estimated that Spanish families can spend close to €500 per child on back to schoolTherefore, Carrefour gives us this opportunity.

In which, by participating in a simple draw, we can win practical financial aid so that going back to school is just joys.

So don’t think about it, because participating won’t take more than 2 minutes.

How do I participate in the Carrefour draw?

Take part

And that’s it, you can participate until September 30th from 2022

Between the 3rd and the October 7 Winners will be contacted by phone or email.

So be very attentive in case they contact you

Good luck!

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