Carmela Bárbaro and her decision after Gerardo Rozín’s delicate health moment

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Carmela Barbaro is devastated after the delicate state of health of her ex-partner and father of her daughter, Gerardo Rozin.

The journalist decided to suspend her work schedule to accompany the family in these difficult hours.

Carmela and Rozín were married for six years and in 2014 they decided to separate after several attempts to recover the couple.

It was Fabián Domán, host of “Moment D”, who sent an affectionate greeting to both Rozín, of whom he is a friend, and Carmela, and commented that due to the current situation of the family, the journalist will be absent for the next few days in the program that the channel broadcasts. Thirteen.

“I want to send you a greeting. They may have realized that he wasn’t there yesterday or today: it’s because of the extremely delicate state of health of that great guy that is Gerardo Rozín. I had and am lucky to meet him”, he expressed.

He then assured that his friendship with Rozín arose while both competed in the same time slot.

“We became friends competing. I was here at eltrece, he was on Telefe in the morning and a beautiful friendship was born with an exceptional guy. Gerardo sends you a huge hug and also to Carmela, “he said.

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