Cande Ruggeri showed the moment her family found out she

After Oscar Ruggeri will tell that his daughter Candle is expecting her first child with Nicholas Maccari, generating an anger in the model. Now it was her turn to tell her news and in a note for “Nosotros a la Mañana”, he shared the video of her family’s reaction to announcing her pregnancy.

There, from a mobile, she told how she planned to tell her family, and her boyfriend’s family, the news and revealed that it was while she proposed a general photo, which was actually a video. “I told my family and Nico’s, telling them ‘hey, let’s take a picture’, then I put the cell phone on video to really see everyone’s reaction”he began explaining.

When she managed to gather everyone in front of the lens, she launched “I’m pregnant!” and the reactions were not long in coming, the first to start shouting “I knew it!”, was her mother, while she received kisses and hugs from her brothers.

The last to react was his father, Oscar, who stayed to one side with his grandson Milo, unable to understand what was happening. “It was beautiful, they really did not expect it, nobody knew, it was something of ours,” said Cande. And he added, about his father’s reaction: “After the last thing he greets me, but he had a hard time at first.”

“I wanted there to be a new member in the family, a new baby. I get along super well with my sisters, it is a family that we are always there for each other and I know that with this baby it will be like that. And I know that my emotion and Nico’s is theirs. Every day they send me messages, nothing to block everyone, ”she concluded.

By Geeke