Cadenza S35 Indoor Bike Giveaway

The online store for treadmills and sports machines worldfitness raffle an incredible Cadenza S35 indoor exercise bike.

What a fantastic way to get to know this store where you can find any accessory and machinery you need to put on fit.

They also have a team of advisers and experts who can help you make the best purchasing decisions.

If you want to start trying their products, then don’t think about it and participate in this draw to choose to take you:

1 Cadenza Fitness S35 Bike Spinning valued at more than €400

How do I participate in the Mundo Fitness draw?

Take part

You can participate until March 17 from 2022

The day March, 19 of 2022 will contact the winner via email

Follow the Instagram profile of @_world_fitness because from there it will broadcast the draw live.

You will receive an email notifying you whether it touches you or not.

Good luck!

You can consult the legal bases on the same page of the promotion, (from here it does not let me link them).

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