BKT gives away tickets shirts and balls

If you are a fan of The league this is your opportunity to jump into the field with BKT and win official shirts, tickets to the matches of your choice and balls.

BKT rewards its fans more football fans with this super raffle in which you can participate every week until the end of the competition and each day you will have new different prizes to win.

If you like T-shirt of your favorite team, get free tickets to the most important matches or competition balls to put your sports skills into practice, you are in the right place.


25 balls ACCELERATE official soccer balls (white colour) each valued at €35.0025 ADRENALINE official soccer balls (yellow colour) each valued at €35.0010 ACCELERATE official soccer balls (white colour) each signed by the ambassadors valued at €35.0010 Tshirts of La Liga signed by the official ambassadors each valued at €60.0030 official La Liga team shirts each valued at €60.0020 official derby shirts each valued at €60.001 Award consisting of 2 VIP Tickets for the Atlético de Madrid-Real Madrid derby (match of 05/08 – thirty-fifth day) with a value of €290.00. 90 pairs of tickets for the matches that appear in the bases table valued at €200.00 .

How do I participate in the BKT raffle?

Access the “BKT give away promotion”.Sign up to create your account.If you are already registered, log in with your data.Play.

Take part

To the instant you will know if you have won one of the immediate prizes.

In the event of an immediate prize, the screen will notify you of the prize obtained and the instructions for its validation.

If you do not win an immediate prize, you will be notified and you will be able to participate:

In the possible draws for the recovery of the “VIP Tickets and/or Match Tickets” prizes.

The possible draw for the final recovery of the remaining/non-awarded/non-validated prizes (with the exception of the “VIP Tickets and Match Tickets” prizes) during the instant win phase will take place on 06/30/2022.

Among all those who have correctly participated in the contest and have not won the prizes consisting of “VIP Tickets and Match Tickets”, the possible final prize draw Remaining/unallocated “VIP Tickets and Match Tickets” from the instant win phase depending on the match chosen by the user in the game phase.

You can play and try to win during each of the weeks that the contest lasts.

Participate until may 23 of 2022.

Luck! 🍀

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