Bitcoin Digital is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows investors to automatically trade cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in the crypto markets. According to the official website of Bitcoin Digital, the software was introduced in 2017; however, we are not able to locate any documentation indicating when the auto-trading software was first introduced. Besides, our team was unable to find any details on the person or group that developed the platform that powers the system.

Furthermore, many users of this platform have claimed to earn up to a profit of $1800 per day, although this is hard to believe given the volatility of the crypto markets. In this review article, we will look into the credibility of such claims made by the software official website and detect whether or not Bitcoin Digital is legit trading software.

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Bitcoin Digital Review 2022: What Is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is an internet-based auto-trading software that helps traders perform trades based on the signals released from the cryptocurrency markets. This automatic network offers its clients a competitive benefit against other investors by scanning the market trends before they happen. The platform has reported a win rate of 89% for beginners. Numerous reports have confirmed Bitcoin Digital can help investors in generating hundreds of dollars daily.

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Furthermore, Bitcoin Digital auto-trading network makes trades on behalf of the trader using an algorithm. Its advanced algorithm searches for trading signals in the crypto markets and makes trading decisions based on accurate data and inside the confines of the trading preferences that were set by the trader when the account was initially opened. Bitcoin Digital trading app is consistently at work, scanning the markets for beneficial trading opportunities and generating profits.

Bitcoin Digital Platform: Legit or a Scam?

We deeply reviewed Bitcoin Digital auto-trading network, and our findings show that it is 100% legit and trustworthy. Thousands of new traders earn money consistently using Bitcoin Digital automated trading platform. The app has an excellent win and success rate. It is also very popular among investors and has an excellent customer feedback score on the Trustpilot review site.

Moreover, the Bitcoin Digital trading app has won more than 10 awards from credible trading associations. Recently, it has won the most popular Trading Robot award by the US Trading Association.

How Does Bitcoin Digital Work?

Bitcoin Digital app is completely free to use and navigate. It takes only 5 minutes to make a Bitcoin Digital trading account. After creating an account, your assigned broker will assist you in activating the account. We suggest new traders consistently monitor their trades on the software for at least 30 minutes a day. To start trading with Bitcoin Digital, users need to do is make the initial deposit which is generally $250 with the underlying broker, and they are absolutely ready to go.


In the first step, you need to create an account with the Bitcoin Digital app. You are asked to fill the registration form with real information. The basic information required includes your full name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. After this, set a strong password to protect your account. Once your account is registered, you are assigned a regulated broker who keeps in touch with you.

Make a Deposit

Bitcoin Digital asked you to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. The initial deposit will be used to operate trades with the assigned brokerage. In addition, Bitcoin Digital allows traders to make a deposit via different ways such as debit cards, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Neteller and a few others.

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Live trading

You can start live trading with Bitcoin Digital, only after making a minimum deposit of $250 into your new trading account. The platform allows users to set their trading preferences before going into the live trading session. Once you have set your trading parameters, you can choose the money you want to place per trade, trade process and which pairs you want to trade with. Once you have selected everything, all you need is to do is click on the “trade button”. Lastly, you need to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes per day monitoring your account.

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Bitcoin Digital: Key Features

Commissions or Fees

Bitcoin Digital trading app does not charge any trading fees or commissions. There are zero trading fees, deposit or withdrawal fees involved. Once you make money with your trades, you just need to do is withdraw the profits you want.

Verification System

Bitcoin Digital auto-trading software has a straightforward verification system. To create an account, you will need to provide some basic personal details like name, email address, phone number and country of residence in the registration form. After that, you will be asked to fund your account. To make your initial deposit, you just need to give your payment details.

Withdrawal System

Bitcoin Digital has an instant and effortless withdrawal system. To withdraw your earnings, you will have to simply submit an application which will be processed within 24 hours. Once you have requested a withdrawal, the earnings should be with you within 2 days.

Customer Support

You can contact Bitcoin Digital customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact customer support via email, phone call and live chat.


What Is Bitcoin Digital app?

Bitcoin Digital is an automated trading platform designed to detect cryptocurrency market opportunities for traders in starting to trade. It helps investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

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Is It Profitable To Trade With Bitcoin Digital?

There are thousands of traders claiming to make profits over €5,000 per day. However, you will have to invest large sums of money to make such returns. We suggest beginners with a minimum deposit of $250 and increase their earnings from there.

Is My Data Safe On Bitcoin Digital?

Yes, from our findings, Bitcoin Digital uses an SSL certificate which is an internet-based security measure that encrypts confidential data on the platform.

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What Is The Fee To Open An Account With Bitcoin Digital?

To open an account with Bitcoin Digital is completely free. This auto-trading software is absolutely free to use.

Our Verdict

Bitcoin Digital auto-trading network is perfect for both beginner and experienced traders. Many new traders are claiming to earn huge amounts of money within a few days from opening an account. From our findings, Bitcoin Digital allows investors to trade 4 popular cryptocurrencies. We suggest that any beginner should not the crypto industry without doing any research or Knowledge about the software they are using. Bitcoin Digital is simply an auto-trading software to assist you trade cryptocurrencies.

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