Biotech USA 3 Diet Shake Giveaway

Try the incredible nutritional supplements of Biotech USA with this draw in which 3 Diet Shake of 720 grams valued at €29.90 each.

East powder supplement you can easily mix it with your coffee or infusion and get a good portion of whey protein.

This preparation has no added sugars, is free of transgenics and titanium dioxide.

It is ideal for people who are following a dietwho want to keep a muscle mass without modifying their meals, who want a diet rich in fiber or simply anyone who wants to have a supplement rich in healthy protein.

So don’t think about it and take part in this raffle in which they are distributed 3 awards of:

1 Diet Shake of 720 g from the Biotech USA brand valued at €29.90 to choose between 6 flavours.

How do I enter the Biotech USA sweepstakes?

Take part

You can participate until August 28 of 2022.

On Tuesday, August 30, the draw will be held and 3 winners will be chosen

Before the September 5 Winners will be contacted via email and will have another 5 days to respond and accept the prize.

Keep in mind that, in case of winning, you will have to pay shipping costs of the product.

Good luck!

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