big brother canada season 1

The first season of Big Brother Canada was premiered on February 27, 2013. The show was a part of the worldwide franchise and featured fifteen HouseGuests. It was produced by ITV and was hosted by Gary Levy. The cast includes AJ, Suzette, Topaz, Gary, and Suzette.

Gary Levy

Despite being a rookie in Big Brother Canada, Gary Levy quickly won the hearts of many demos and almost won the competition. He was brought back for the Second Chances round after being voted out in week four, and will be in the audience to watch the winner be crowned. A self-described artist, Gary showed critics and fans that he is not only a talented musician, but also an excellent social player.

Gary Levy played a strong social game during his time in the house during Big Brother Canada season 1. He was voted out by the jury during the final round, but was eventually voted back in and made it to the final two. But Topaz’s vote cost him the game.


Big Brother Canada season one has ended, but that doesn’t mean the houseguests have all left yet. Some of the houseguests are still alive, and you can still find the show’s results online. You can also check out the cast’s bios and pictures.

AJ is one of the first Houseguests to be on the Jury. As a jury member, she has had more power over the houseguests than any of her peers. She was the only jury member to lose POV and HOH, and the only houseguest to have jury votes only in the minority. This has caused some controversy among fans.


Suzette Amaya is a 32-year-old Canadian mum. She is a former motivational speaker and has worked in the radio industry. She is also a support worker. While on BBCAN1, she forged close friendships with Gary Levy and Danielle Alexander. However, she clashed with Tom Plant. Then, she was nominated for elimination by Tom in Week 3. Luckily, the Canadians saved her and she survived the competition until week 5, when she was voted off by the public.

Suzette has a long list of accomplishments and is an experienced social entrepreneur. In the past, she has represented her province of Alberta in a variety of capacities. After being voted off the reality show, she worked for the Bloomberg Group Community Service Society as a radio host and volunteered with women and youth in downtown. She has been on several TV shows and radio shows. She has also been involved in many charitable causes, including youth mental development and mental health.

Andrew Monaghan

Andrew Monaghan is an Insurance Sales Trainer from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. He is 38 years old and describes himself as outgoing, funny, and honest. Andrew used to live in Germany, but now lives in Canada. He is the oldest member of the season one cast and the first Canadian to win multiple Head of Household competitions.

In the latest episode, Andrew opted to nominate Gary and Topaz for eviction. The houseguests have a new challenge to complete: a mud pit. They must construct a demon using all the available materials, and the winner will get to see the movie “Evil Dead” in a special advanced screening.


Talla Rejaei flew under the radar in Big Brother Canada Season 1, but soon popped up and played an important role. She was outgoing and a jumper and managed to become a key player in Week 6. She was so popular that her meltdown was dubbed the “19199 meltdown” for the upcoming season.

The competition was intense, and Talla’s popularity skyrocketed. She ended up being evicted by a vote of 1-0. The Power of Veto was used and Talla was evicted, but not before her turn. Then, she was replaced by Aneal. The remaining four houseguests were Andrew, Gary, Emmett, Peter, Jillian, and Talla. Talla was the first evictee of Season 1, but was not the only one to go home.

By Geeke