Best Programming Blogs to Learn Coding

Internet was a jewel mine that contains several best Programming Blogs to Learn Coding. Coding is the backbone of this digital world for applications, web sites, and so many other stuff.

If you are a developer or trying to become a developer, you must have basic coding knowledge. If you want to learn to code, academics aren’t the only place to learn.

Currently, many blogs and websites offer free developer courses; the only thing you want to spend your time and the internet. Learning to code isn’t the hardest thing if you are really into it.

Once you are starting to understand them, you can learn to code quickly. Self-taught is the best way of learning; using those websites for taught yourself will make you Mr.

Today’s techie and update yourself for future techs. Here we present some of these blogs to learn to code quickly as you can.

Programming Blogs to Learn Coding

Programming Blogs to Learn Coding

1. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is one of the biggest and best Programming blogs on the internet that helps those seeking to learn to code quickly and professionally. They offer a vast number of free developer courses, almost everything we want to learn. You can find more than 600+ programming books in one place.

Courses offered : CSS, PHP, HTML, Python, UX/UI, React and More

2. Sololearn

Sololearn is an online community that now progress in light-year fast. Sololearn offers a huge number of lessons and courses. Apart from courses, a solo learning community has thousands of coding experts willing to clear beginners’ doubts.

Courses Offered : JAVASCRIPT, C, C+, RUBY, PHP, PYTHON, and More

3. FreeCodeCamp

If you ask any expert developer, where to find free coding classes, the most answer will be points to Freecodecamp. FreeCodeCamp is the best programming blog that offers free courses. This blog makes learning coding quick and easy. Also, they provide a certificate after you complete their courses.

Courses Offered: All basic programming languages, Git, Agile Development, Design Thinking, Coding games..etc

4. CSS Tricks

One of my favourite site to learn coding with a ton of free resources. It’s well designed and they did a great number of expertise in creating these courses. In the beginning, CSS tricks offer only CSS courses, but now they expand the courses and added many programming sessions. CSS tricks also have a job board with them.

Courses Offered: CSS, HTML, JQuery, WordPress CMS, Woocommerce

5. Lynda

Lynda offers a large range of courses, but they come with a cost. Having 100’s of courses in each language, they are one of the pioneer in teaching people learn to code with professionals. It’s still one of the best place to learn coding and get your certificate in any language.

Courses Offered: All basic programming languges, CMS, Project management, Design tools..etc

6. The Crazy Programmer

The crazy programmer is one of the best blogs where you can learn coding art. There were over 6000+ courses, and each month 200k users using them to learn.

Courses Offered: All basic programming languages, .Net, PHP, SQL and More.

7. Learn JS

Learn JS offers a huge variety of courses, but their JavaScript lesson is crystal clear and easy to learn, even for a beginner. This blog offers a special feature to practice JavaScript without installing it.

Courses Offered: Python, Javascript, HTML, PHP, SQL, Perl, Go

8. Ray Wenderlich

If you want to learn app development, you should check out the site and its wonderful resources. Ray wenderlich taught a huge number of online app development courses. They are known for their IOS and Swift programming lesson.

Courses Offered: Swift, Android, Kotlin, Unity, Flutter

9. Learn CPP

To learn fundamentals to advance levels of CPP programming learn CPP is the best site for you. We Can Learn every inch of C++ programming to fulfill our curiosity. It is one of the best programming blogs to learn to code as a beginner.

Courses Offered: CPP, Control Flow, C++

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a huge number of courses and instruction videos about programming. It can be recommendable for beginners to start learning their programming sessions and to learn to code quickly. If you are a kid from school, or an adult who works any job, you can learn something from this platform always. One of the popular online learning platform of 2022.

Courses Offered: HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL

11. CodeAcademy

Codeacademy is a massive and best programming blog that offers free and paid premium courses. If you want a subscription, you have to pay $20.

Courses Offered: All basic programming languages, Python, Ruby, JS, and App development

12. David Walsh

From the senior web developer of Mozilla David Walsh, his blogs taught us all his experience and knowledge. Run by various experienced coders worldwide, it’s the best place for learning free developer courses.

Courses Offered: CMS, PHP, AJAX, HTML5, NodeJS and More

13. Udemy

Programming Blogs to Learn Coding

We can’t complete a list of the best programming blogs and websites without mentioning Udemy. One of the largest online platform to learn programming, development, designing, software engineering, and other stuff. Students and professionals Can Learn more than 60000+ courses; udemy is here for your service.

Courses Offered: Everything and anything you want to learn in one place.

14. Android Development

Apart from web development and other stuff, many want to learn about android application development. For them, Android development offers lessons and topics about app development with system permissions for the app developers.

Courses Offered: Android Development, UX

15. W3 Schools

W3 Schools is the biggest platform that contains a massive number of topics with clear explanations and examples. It is one of the best and efficient sites to learn programming. You will from all the basic programming languages to the most advanced topics with simple and easy-to-understand explanations for a beginner.

Courses Offered: All the basic programming langages and advanced ones as well.

16. PHP Architect

PHP architect is a site that taught fundamentals to the high level of PHP programming. They have a paid training option and crystal clear lesson so that you can learn from a live instructor.

Courses Offered: Basic PHP langaugage to most advanced concepts in PHP world.

17. Objc

If you want to learn and master swift programming, Objc is there for you. We Can Learn everything about the swift on their blog. They also taught programming languages like C, Java.

Courses Offered: IOS app development, UI , Advanced Frameworks

18. Code Wall

Code wall is one of the best programming blogs that provide useful content for those who seek programming knowledge and learn to code faster. The quality of the content is good and easy to understand.

Courses Offered: JS, Node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS, LARAVAL

19. A List Apart

If you are into digital marketing and want to learn to develop websites, it’s here for you. A list apart is a complete web development and typography teaching website with a quality online tutorial.

Courses Offered: UI, CSS, JS, HTML and Design Tools

20. HTML Dog

If you are a beginner and want to learn web development, HTML dog is the easiest option. HTML dog was here from where the beginning of the evolution of the internet.

Courses Offered: HTML, JS, CSS

21. Web Design Dev

Web design dev is a resourceful blog that contains valuable lessons about web development and programming languages.

Courses Offered: CSS, Adobe tools, Web design concepts

22. Shay Howe

If you want to master markup languages like CSS and HTML, Shay Howe is a mentionable site to visit. They also provided information about graphics designs and other stuff for web development.

Courses Offered: HTML , CSS

23. PHP The Right Way

If you want to learn PHP in one site, “PHP the right way” is here for you. They have a built-in web server on their website, so if you want to practice PHP, you don’t need to have PHP on your PC.

Courses Offered: Beginner and Advanced concepts of PHP

24. Coding Alpha

CodingAlpha was started on August 26, 2015, by Srishti Soni and Ajay Sawant. Our primary motive is to provide programming codes and tutorials for students, teachers, and software professionals. We work very hard to develop accurate and perfect program codes and tutorials.

Courses Offered: Data Structures, JAVA, C, Python

25. Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ offers thousands of online courses, guides, and e-books. But it’s not a free site; the subscription starts from $16.50. They have thousands of free tutorials and online courses to help you learn software development from mobile devices to web applications and everything in between.

Courses Offered: JS, React, WordPress CMS

26. Web Designer Depot

Another blog that has guides for web development basis and advanced guides. The guides are easy to understand, so we can learn coding, web designing, front end, and more quickly as we can.

Courses Offered: PHP, Game development, Swift, Ruby

Learning and keep us updated on tech is important in these modern ages. If you look into the basic structures of those techs, coding is the essential particle of them.

Coding is an art that everyone can master and become an artist. To learn to code quickly, online free developer courses are the easiest way. They share their knowledge of our growth. Only we need to use them correctly to learn. For the learning purpose, these are the best blogs we want to share with you.

By Geeke