If there is one thing that helped us to get through this lockdown is movie streaming services that we thank for. Even with paid subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon, some of us not fortunate to pay a monthly fee and look for an alternative. This is why we wrote this list of the best free online movie streaming sites for you, You can’t trust any of the free movie streaming sites, though. There are free online movie streaming websites that provide pirated content and are packed with viruses and malware. So do careful before proceeding. Don’t forget to check the FAQ at the bottom of this article.

If you want to stay safe and protected when watching your favorite movies and websites to watch tv shows, for free check out the 50 best free video streaming websites below that are safe, secure, and legal to use.

Any of the following free online movie streaming sites don’t ask you to sign up (at least most of it), and all of them are free without the need to create a premium account, etc.

Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

1. USTV Go

USTV Go is a leading website that offers free live TV channels. You can watch any of your favorite TV shows without the need for a cable subscription. This is tops our one of the best online movie sites in our list. 

You can also enjoy streaming without thinking about pesky commercials that are most of the time distracting. USTV Go can be accessed via web browsers. It will operate on any platform as long as it has a browser.

2. StreamM4u

StreamM4u enables online users to watch TV series and movies for free. Also, they do not require user authentication. StreamM4U uses third-party servers to host all of their free streaming movies online.

3. PopcornFlix

A free movie streaming service offers unlimited access to episodes and movies with no setup fees or monthly membership fees. For free access to movie streaming, the free online movies website uses advertising to generate revenue.

All of the streaming content on Popcornflix is free, making the sign-up process quick. Since it is currently available on multiple platforms, the free movie streaming website won’t be challenging to introduce to consumers.

You can watch this movie online on several devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, iOS, and Android. Lots of videos on Popcornflix looked the same as a DVD movie.

However, the movies’ resolution can’t be adjusted because

Popcornflix users are unable to modify the quality of the movie playing.

4. FlixTor

Flixtor is one of the best streaming websites for free TV shows and movies. The search filters of Flixtor allow users to quickly search via different categories like the highest number of downloads, recommended choices, and popularity. The video streaming site enables users to watch movies or trailers. Flixtor users can access 2 million links.

5. Music HQ

Music HQ is the best streaming platform when you want to find updates on your favorite TV shows’ new episodes. 

6. Cineb.net

Cineb is a free streaming platform that provides a wide variety of movies and television shows. The platform offers Top Rated IMDb Shows at the right corner of the Web site.

You have an option to buy a subscription, but it is not necessary to do so. It provides HD-quality videos and outstanding sound quality. When you see a prompt demanding that someone can give you updates, kindly deny permission.

7. VexMovies 

VexMovies is a web streaming video platform where users can access full HD videos online. It includes a wide selection of the greatest movies and is easy to browse, download, and watch. The movies on this video streaming site consist of a wide range of genres, including Action, War, Romance, Love, and Sci-Fi films.

VexMovies is just like all the other video streaming websites, which offer several different ways of finding your favorite movie. Some Vexmovies’ best features include a search box to enter tags, titles of images, and other features. This free movies web platform also comes with numerous core features, including new movie launches, a movie database, and several other features.

8. Tiny Zone

Tiny Button is a great website that provides subscribers with the latest news. The videos on this platform are of top quality so that it will give you a pleasant time. You are also allowed to sign up as a guest with the account. Be sure not to let it grant notifications permission when it requests you to.

9. 123TVNow

Just like USTV Go, 123TV allows users to watch their favorite television shows live. It packs in many popular TV channels for easy access.

10. Vumoo 

If you want to watch full-length movies for free on the internet, Vumoo is your best option. Vuumoo allows for free video streaming, but without any extra costs. The deal would be used by the best of us. Especially for those of us with tight monthly budgets. Vumoo offers thousands of TV shows and movies for viewing online.

The free online movie streaming website offers a selection of famous English TV shows and Hollywood movies and shows you a range of foreign films. This online video streaming service has movies from several different countries. Vumoo also has animated movies and episodes.

11. The Movie Bay

This website provides an extensive library of TV shows and movies. Users can subscribe to actors, have them on their watch list, like them, follow them and send private messages. The provider stores the videos produced by online video services.

The material in this article was collected from various non-affiliated third-party websites. The free online movie website offers diverse film genres such as fantasy, science fiction, romance, crime, mystery, action, comedy, and drama films.

12. Go Movies

One of the best free online movie streaming sites in Vietnam with various films can be viewed for free. All free films posted to these free movies online website come from third-party sources.

13. GoStream

Gostream is a professionally updated video streaming service and one of the best of its kind. The website provides an incredible variety of movie choices, from TV series to animation.

You can select from movies in various quality styles, such as HD, Full HD, Full 720p HD, and Full 480p HD. The website has arranged its homepage into different categories to have an easier time browsing the site and finding the information they seek.

While Gostream is an illegal website, streaming stuff on such sites is punishable by law. Whereas, if you wish to stream movies from Gostream, you must use a VPN-enabled web browser to access their website. A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to access the internet without disclosing your IP address, you can find the best vpn reviews here in PrivacySharks .

14. AZMovies

AZMovies enables users to download movies without any limitations. You pick the film you desire to watch and experience. Watching movies is free on the site. AZMovies doesn’t host any copyrighted content or illegal materials. A third party generates the site’s content.

15. Yify TV

A website that allows free full-length movies to be watched on the internet. You can watch high-quality videos online in HD 720 and 1080.

16. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a free video streaming service that is linked to IMDb and the IMDb app. Since the online movie streaming platform is not subscription oriented, users are forced to view advertising every few minutes.

best free online movie streaming sites

The online streaming movie website’s movie collections are very decent for a service with no monthly fee. To access the web, you need to have an IMDb account. The streaming video service allows for more mainstream movies with major stars and famous people.

The IMDb TV-enabled devices are – Android devices, Apple TV, iPhones, iPods, laptops, tablets, and desktop browsers.

17. Sony Crackle

Crackle is one of the premier movie streaming websites that provide free access to streaming videos, TV shows, and other video content. It provides over 700 different films and 100 television shows.

If you’ve used Netflix and HBO Go on Android, you will find that they are comparatively intuitive and straightforward. The home screen will show you current content, while the key navigation buttons will provide access to the Watchlist, Shows, Movies. The material is organized in a fun and attractive way, or a simple alphabetical list view can be used.

18. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the many video streaming sites where people can watch movies anywhere, for free. The online library of movies available on the free movie website includes material from studios such as MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and networks, including Lifetime, Starz and A&E.

The collection contains a range of movies catering to various genres, including action, martial arts, drama, etc. Tubi TV offers material that is all legal in terms of the content that plays on the website.

19. Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers free streaming online with mass media giant, ViacomCBS. The mass media group owns numerous prominent film and television production firms and various content distribution networks.

The subscription service offers access to several live and on-demand networks, including Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central. Pluto TV is not considered a subscription channel. The streaming service sells ads that generate revenue that can be invested into new programming.

20. Vidcloud9

Vidcloud9 is a free streaming service that cannot be accessed without a registration form. The style of this paper is excellent and makes it appealing to the eye. It also offers new releases of movies and television series.

21. 123Movies

123Movies, Putlocker, and Noxx, have become household names among websites for streaming movie content.

This web site offers one of the richest sets of items available online. And more so, you will not experience any problems because you will need to close two pop-ups, and it will be finished. Stream as much as you can.

22. Afdah 

One of the most popular movie streaming websites with an extensive library of free movies. The website provides streaming links to numerous TV shows and movies, which users can view on any device anywhere.

The website has 500,000 monthly users who watch videos for free. Digital media players allow a simple way to scan the movie name and access the media material. All of the movies shown at Afdah are of excellent quality.

The best part of this free movie streaming platform is that there are no pop-up ads to spoil the streaming experience.

23. Internet Archive

Provides a plethora of golden-age classics. The website appears to host the entirety of the public domain. The online movie streaming website contains hundreds of copyright-free movies from the 1920s and 1930s. If you love classic movie buffs, you can find this website has a broad range of classic films to choose from.

24. M4UFree

M4ufree offers one of the biggest free movie streaming websites, where you can watch free online movies. The platform provides a range of films, some in Hollywood, some in India, some in Korea, and others. The free online movie site offers various types of movies in categories such as fantasy, action, war, love, comedy, historical, and drama.

25. LookMovie

If you are a fan of streaming TV and movies, then lookMovie is an excellent website for you to use. LookMovie is a free streaming movie website that lets you watch new movies without having to sign up.

In LookMovie, users can browse by a range of parameters, and if they choose to view films released in 2003, they can pick that year and only watch the movie in that year. LookMovie is a great online movie streaming website for streaming and downloading videos.

26. 123movie.cc

123Movie is a satisfactory website to view images. Compared to other pages, the site is too small. However, it is a great option in that it has fewer pop-ups. If you use the search feature, you will find whatever video it is you want to see. The website includes pop up ads, but no other advertising is present on the website.

27. MoviesJoy

A streaming platform selling over a thousand movies and television shows. It enables uninterrupted streaming with easy ad-free choices.

All media content can be accessed without building an account or paying for a subscription. Any movie websites offer users access to download and watch movies on their PC or mobile devices. The only genuinely negative feature of this movie streaming website is the inability to delete closed captioning.

28. Solar Movies

It is a free website that makes movies available for free on the internet. The website offering free online movie streaming made it easy for people to use and download videos.

Registration is not necessary to watch TV or movies online for free. Though the website is open, it has some downside as some Internet Service Providers have blocked it.

29. Movies.org

This free streaming video site intends to have a convenient way for users to view TV shows and movies online for free. This movie website offers users endless movies and television shows.

30. HD Movies

HD Movies is a perfect place to watch free movies online where you don’t have to register. The website would have an improved experience when watching streaming internet movies. The platform features many films in a range of High Definition formats. HD Movies offers DVDs for selling movies in HD quality format.

31. New Prime Wire

New Prime Wire provides the latest movies and series for free. You will encounter quite a few banner ads, pop-ups, and internal video ads. If you prefer HD streaming links, you will need to sign-up for its premium subscription. Please be sure to deny it from sending notifications just to be on the safe side.

32. YesMovies

It is a free movie streaming platform that enables you to watch and download movies. The website has been popular since its launch in 2016, and this success is attributed to its user-friendly and straightforward design.

YesMovies offers a range of movies and TV shows. YesMovies is a good search engine for discovering movies that are unobjectionable.

You must register for this program; however, users will search through their favorite TV show or movie. The movie page will show the synopsis, genre, producer name, length, and others.

33. Movie Stars

Movie Stars is an excellent Internet portal that allows you to watch many TV shows and movies. The web browser has a primary user interface, and you can close pop-up windows without having to be routed to other potentially dangerous websites.

The website serves up the latest content, and many people are fans of the platform.

34. CMoviesHD 

It helps users to download movies in Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood, and Hollywood. The website offers a plethora of features such as club, group, and movie proxy. The free ad-supported streaming video platform is a free media service provider.

CMoviesHD has a range of films that can be downloaded. The website offers films that are typical of Hollywood films, as well as Oscar winners.

35. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is a free online movie site that enables one to watch films without signing up and using a service log-in. The website’s reputation as a free movie streaming platform has increased due to the lack of advertising and HD content quality.

There are various genres such as drama, horror, adventure, romance, sci-fi, thriller, war, and so on the free movies online website. The film projection quality on-site is what most of the users also watch. These are the available video formats: HD, Full HD, HD (HDTV), and High definition television.

36. Watch Series HD

The site enables you to stream newly released television shows and movies without advertisements for free. Users can watch all the shows with a single subscription and stream any series they want from any streaming service.

37. Europix HD

Europix HD best free online moview streaming sites

Europix HD has a unique interface that changes when you pick various content. This website provides high definition videos. You may also select which server to use to screen videos or TV shows. You will also need to enter a caption verification code if you have not previously visited the site.

38. Movie4U

It’s an HDTV website that helps you access content categories like films, TV series, and TV shows. The platform offers a wide array of new titles and unique, high-quality content to enjoy. The Movie4u video archive contains both the classics and blockbuster titles.

Users will search the web for newly added movies and see the ranking, IMDb top trending title, or current trending. In comparison, there are various free video-on-demand websites riddled with spam, though Movie4U is a reliable movie aficionado’s platform.

39. Fmovies

One of the best free movie sites for those who do not want aggressive ads and do not want to pay. This website features numerous videos on demand.

The free movies internet service is legally legitimate since the website doesn’t pirate something. The media material is held in repositories that aren’t part of the site, so the website doesn’t infringe on anything unlawful.

40. 1Movies

1Movies is added so you can stream some of the new videos and TV shows on it without subscribing. If you reach all the advertising, navigation would be incredibly fast. It also has a premium edition, which allows the user to have a pro viewing experience.

41. Cinema Forgotten

Cinema Forget is a multi-faceted movie streaming website with various categories to search and enjoy. The free movies streaming website offers the widest selection of movies in a single category, with new movies introduced daily.

42. WatchFree

WatchFree is a subscription site that offers ample selections for tv and movie lovers. The wait is done. WatchFree is available on Vizio SmartCast televisions. The subscription service provides over 100 different networks, including MSNBC, NBC News, Fox Sports, ESPN, The Surf Channel, and other movie channels. At WatchFree.com, there are no monthly subscriptions, log-in fees, or utility costs.

43. PutLocker

A popular free movie streaming website has been down for quite some time, but now it is back and remains an integral part of the industry. Many cord-cutters have grown to love this homepage! Although this analysis indicates that the album generates many pop-ups. We believe this contributes to the website’s need for donations to support the service. And we are the last to pass judgment.

44. Sockshare 

SockShares lets people access high-quality content. It offers a range of movies, TV shows, anime, and plenty of offerings in general. Nonetheless, we find it challenging to comprehend.

45. XMovies8

It’s one of the biggest movie websites for free without a subscription. Users are likely to find small commercials on this free movie page. Users are free to watch TV shows and movies of their choosing without having to pay for them.

You don’t have to registered for streaming videos on this movie streaming platform; just open the free movie’s website, pick your desired video content, and watch it in High Definition standard with no interruption.

46. HDonline

HDOnline is a subscription service that includes the most recent TV shows and movies. It consists of a large number of pop-ups, which can be annoying to the viewer. The display lacks ads, and instead, it has a full-page ad banner. Then, a prompt to submit updates will appear; please do not allow it permission.

47. F2 movies

F2 Movies offers a broad range of new movies and TV shows along with the Latest TV Episodes. The explanation that people find it difficult to find videos is that they experience pop-ups. Regardless, you will then be able to access your video.

48. CineBloom 

It has a wide variety of movies and TV shows for you to pick from, thereby offering much better quality than the competition.

The free online video website offers videos and TV shows in good definition, with added functionality. The user-friendly and sleek user interface of the video-streaming website is particularly appealing.

You can access large numbers of free television shows and films with the use of numerous web servers. The movie streaming platform is low-cost, flexible, and offers a wide variety of media.

49. YoMovies 

YoMovies is India’s most prominent movie website. The online video website lets viewers watch streaming videos from the biggest library of Hollywood, Telugu, Punjabi, and Tamil movies. YoMovies offers a wide range of films, including Love, Romance, War, Battle, Thriller, Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Sci-fi, and more.

Another significant part about this movie streaming platform is that they have a smartphone app that allows you to watch online movies from your mobile phone. YoMovies is among the most popular streaming video websites.

50. Bmovies 

One of the fastest and most reliable ways to watch free movies online Streaming movies in high quality does not require approval. It’s a quicker and easier way to watch free content online.

We highly recommend using the Best Free Movie Streaming Sites mentioned in the earlier part of the particle. When you deal with them, you will face fewer problems.

We hope this post will provide you with the essential details on Free Movie Streaming Websites. Thank you so much for reading!


Do I need a VPN for free online movie streaming sites?

Yes. it’s good to have VPN always. It will help you hide your user activity in online.

What happens if you get caught using free movie streaming sites?

If you are caught using free movie streaming sites to watch copyrighted content, you may face legal issues. So always use VPN for free movie streaming sites. 

Do I have to signup to watch free movies without signing up?

Some free movie streaming sites that don’t require you to sign up for an account, but some are required your email id to show more content. 

By Geeke