Apple has done everything possible to corner any part of the industry, and video games are no oddity. Possessing an Apple TV comes with a few various features, and the games you can enjoy from the App Store are one of them.

Apple TV is no longer just watching movies or your favorite TV shows on Netflix! You can now play games with your Siri remote. Apple TV games are well designed and engaging to play with your partner. If you didn’t know, there’s a lot of great games on the Apple store that you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. Some also work with the Bluetooth gamepad to make the console feel genuine! So, here are some of the best Apple TV games that you should try and our bonus best apple tv games as well in this list. 

Gaming on Apple TV has since grown by 170% to 2,704 games.

There are music games, adventure games, racing games, puzzles, and horror games you can play on apple tv as like on your PS5 or Xbox One

Note: Certain games need an MFi-certified joystick, gaming console,  so make sure to read the game specifications prior to purchasing. 

Best Apple TV Games

best apple tv games to try

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Loving new racing games with fancy cars and wild speeds? Asphalt 8: Airborne is a must.

Though the pace is the name of the game (not literally), it is not the only thrilling and enjoyable thing about Asphalt 8. What you’ve got to do is focus on tricks and big hops and airtime to get ahead of the races with your favorite drivers.

In Asphalt 8, you can choose Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, and more. No matter precisely what sort of car you’re in, you’re going to find it in Asphalt 8. The game has more than 50 stages, multiplayer action, limited-time special activities, and more. There’s a bunch of single-player content if the multiplayer isn’t your thing, and since the game is available to launch, there’s a lot to be played.

2. Playdead’s INSIDE

best apple tv games to try

If you liked LIMBO, you’re going to love Playdead’s Within. This game focuses on what makes LIMBO unique and winds up making something even better.

Within is a beautiful, interactive, and fun 2D puzzle board game. Puzzles can be complicated and challenging, but they are even more challenging after overcoming and advancing. The game is also full of grim humor and “WTF” moments as the captivating storyline is unfolded.

3. Shadowmatic

Do you look at the clouds and try to figure out how the cloud is shaped? If so, Shadowmatic is a puzzle game designed especially for you.

Shadowmatic is a puzzle game in which you have abstract shapes to transform in sunlight before they appear to form recognizable shadows. Your clues are how each stage sets when the shadow silhouette creates something relevant to the overall subject.

There are over ten rooms and subjects and playing is an enjoyable activity. When you finish the main game, there is still more DLC content.

4. Horizon Chase – World Tour

Remember the classic arcade racing games of the past? Horizon Chase-World Tour is doing a fine job of re-creating the feeling of nostalgia with a modernized 16-bit low-poly look and sound. It supports seven different input types, including support for MFi Gamepad.

In Horizon Chase, you can compete against other AI opponents in stunning and wealthy locations worldwide. These courses are true-to-life because you’ll see familiar landmarks and environments, as well as some different areas that you will still have to see in real life, but they do exist. This is one of the best apple tv multiplayer games that you can try.

You’re going to run in 21 other cars, all of which can be upgraded, and 10 cups are scattered over 40 towns, for a total of 92 race tracks. Although it’s free to download Horizon Chase, it’s a preview of five free tracks—you can pay to access the rest of the game if you like it.

5. Lichtspeer

Lichtspeer is a unique and fast-paced game about light spear-throwing in the ancient Germanic future. Yeah, you’ve heard it right.

This distinctive title brings out some 80’s memories and is pretty brutal, trendy, and psychedelic. You’re in a land full of Penguin Vikings, Wurst Mutants, Hipster Ice Giants, and even more smart foes, and your goal is to live. How are you going to do this? And the lighting and a good target.

In Lichtspeer, you will have access to 10 upgradeable Light powers to help you get through more than 60 difficult stages, and there are six tough bosses to face. If you may think throwing spears is quick, you’re going to have to test your skills in this frantic game.

6. Oceanhorn

Take a look at the game, the main character’s movements, the plot, and you’re all going to be “Yup, Zelda Clone.” But that’s not a bad thing; it’s quite the reverse, in truth. This one also available on Xbox if you have one already.

best apple tv games to try5

You have to evolve from boy to man in Oceanhorn, looking for your father with only his old diary and a strange necklace to help you. You’re going to cruise the Uncharted Oceans, solve puzzles, battle demons, learn spells, and gather treasure. At the same time, you’re playing to unlock the secrets of Arcadia and the Oceanhorn Sea Beast.

You don’t have to use the game controller to play this on an Apple TV, but it certainly makes the entire process more fun. So much so that my colleague, Luke, has included the best Apple TV games to play with controllers in his roundup.

If you like adventurous fun, presented beautifully, and gameplay like Zelda, then check out Oceanhorn. It’s a must-have Apple TV.

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7. Lumino City

Lumino City might be the coolest smartphone game ever. The grounds are relatively simple; your grandfather, the caretaker of Lumino City, has been abducted, and it is up to you, as Lumi, to discover the city to find out the processes that make it operate, to gather objects, and to get them back to where they complete a circuit or process.

The real treat here is the scenery, all handmade from cardboard, paper, miniature decorations, and motors. The homemade stuff was then scanned and digitized to be animated in the game, and it’s pretty flipping out. The music is also interesting as it slows and begins and kind of bursts in and out, making it a rare gameplay experience that almost turns the entire platformer/adventure/puzzle game on its head.

Heaps of puzzles are distinctive so that things don’t get stalled and always keep you thinking. All in all, it’s a very soothing game, and if you appreciate Little Big Planet at all, check this out.

No matter what, check out Lumino City. If you didn’t, it would be a travesty.

8. SongPop Party

SongPop Party will make it the ultimate party or family-based game for up to 5 other people using the iOS Remote App. Swipe is all you have to do to answer music questions. The more points you earn, the quicker you are. It is free to play. However, in-app transactions can be made so that the release process can be accelerated if you wish.

There are various genres to pick from, but there are some and a selection of adorable characters for everyone.

Note: There are some songs with provocative lyrics, and you can’t avoid them, so beware if you’re playing with kids. The game on the App Store is rated 12+.

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9. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an unbelievable game. So much more than an infinite racer, you play Alto, snowboarding down the slopes, capturing llamas, gathering gold, and playing tricks. And it’s terrific. It’s beautiful, stunning. The soundtrack is lovely, and while it’s all done-or-die, you don’t feel the strain as you do with Temple Run or Super Mario Run.

best apple tv games to try

Time moves as you go, and the scenery transforms as you snowboard through the mountain villages at dusk, bunting lines, and rooftops. This is the most enjoyable time you’re ever going to spend playing an infinite runner. You’re not even going to be that choked when you finally fall on your head trying to do a backflip. This one is our favorite and list of best apple tv games to try.  

10. SketchParty TV

Pictionary of Passion, huh? In our list of games, this is SketchParty TV for you, Boom. This is another fun party match where you draw hints on your iPhone or iPad and guess scores for your friends. You will get up to eight members per team, so this app is perfect for large parties.

You’re going to need an AirPlay-enabled system that can mimic your Apple TV to play.

11. AG Drive

Like racing sports, huh? Know the F-Zero? You do, of course. If you like F-Zero, you’re going to enjoy the very close AG Drive. In this Apple Editor’s Pick app list of Best Apple TV Games of this year, you’re driving futuristic anti-gravity machines around breathtaking cityscapes on steel beam tracks. It’s atmospheric, and if you’re into science fiction, you’re going to be pretty thrilled.

You need to purchase it once, and you can play it on all your computers (though your success is not coordinated from Apple TV to iPhone or iPad, or vice versa). There’s a lot of different racing modes, so things don’t get stale. But there’s no multiplayer mode, so you’re going to have to toggle on Apple TV. Still, it’s worth it.

12. Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures’ most ridiculous part is that it’s free. Indeed, you can improve through In-App sales, but you don’t have to pay if you do not want to. And in this cute and ridiculously entertaining platformer, there are more than 1000 adventures. (You should also disable in-app transactions so that the little ones won’t run up your credit card.)

best apple tv games to try

You’re playing as Rayman, of course, working your way through endless stages, beating enemies and capturing Incrediballs while fighting terrifying boss fights along the way.

If you enjoy a decent platformer with some gorgeous graphics, don’t worry twice; download Rayman Adventures. Come on, come on. It’s free, but there are some fun in-app transactions out there.

You don’t need a gamepad for this one, but it makes it a lot easier to play.

13. Dungeon Hunter 5

Hunter Dungeon is impressive. Chase monsters in 69 quests or take coop mode with up to three other players in solitary RPG camp mode and hack and slash your way through the dungeon chasing the dungeon. You will also hire Allies to support you. You have to protect yourself, build trap spaces, and develop stronger shields so nobody will take your precious gold.

Hundreds of personalizations are available, so if you are at all in RPGs, this should happen on your Apple TV. Mainly because it’s, Open! best free apple tv game as well!

There are regular and weekly events, but the gameplay never ends, and you’re still striving to score multiple goals instead of just dicing and slicing.’

14. Crossy Road

Yeah, Crossy Road is available for iPhone and iPad, but it’s a lot more fun on the big screen! The graphics are basic but beautiful, and the gameplay on the remote Siri is shockingly decent. This is one of the best free apple tv games that you can play and have fun.

You can also play with your iPhone or iPad as a second controller in multiplayer mode! Multiplayer is amusing because you’re just going to fuck the other person up and leaving them in the dust.

You will also unlock all kinds of fun characters, such as robots, barnyard creatures, and more—all in search of going as fast as you can without getting nailed to the tractor-trailer. Yeah, it’s Frogger, but Frogger has been reimagined for today.

15. Jackbox Party Pack 3 

The Jackbox Party Pack series of games has entered living rooms since 2014 and has been a success since then. Featuring a set of multiplayer games that players can connect with using a web browser on their tablet, smartphone, or device, you’ll find yourself and friends trapped on TV.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 features a set of favorites, including Quiplash 2, Quiz Murder Party, Guespionage, Tee KO, and Fakin’ It. If you’re in trivia, quiz play, or more creative endeavors, there’s plenty for everybody in the group box. The price is a little higher, but in hours of fun, you’ll quickly get the money back.

16. Under Leaves 

Fire up your HDR TV, for this Apple TV game is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. A peaceful game takes you on gentle journeys dreaming of trees, jungles, and beyond. Under Leaves asks you to locate various items inside the scene.

An excellent choice for fans of classic hidden object games, Under Leaves features nine different locations to explore while enjoying hand-drawn aquarelle illustrations and the included soundtrack. Even though you’re not a massive fan of hidden object games, you could find yourself captivated by the gentle visuals and alluring audio of this title.

17. Oddmar

If you’re looking for an entertaining action-adventure site for Apple TV, look no further than Oddmar. Follow the exploits of Oddmar, a Viking who doesn’t feel like he is deserving of Valhalla. Therefore, he starts a quest to prove himself. You should have the best apple tv game controller to play your best in this game.

The game features two dozen stages of physics-based puzzles and calls for diligent platform timing skills. Having been awarded Editors’ Pick by Apple’s AppStore staff, we can’t help but agree with them when you cross anything from snowy mountains to dense forests.

18. Sky Gamblers — Infinite Jets

Take to the clouds and get rid of the rivals in the Sky Gamblers—Infinite Planes. The classic game series for iOS finds its way to Apple TV with the maker’s new iteration, which means that you can take part in extreme aerial dogfighting from the comfort of your sofa.

Step into an environment where betrayal lurks around the corner in single-player mode or hop online for PVP and PVE fights. With over 100 aircraft to choose from and the opportunity to configure each fighter, Sky Gamblers offers not just an immersive action-based environment but also a personalized one. Just make sure you’re not going to get shot down in the process.

19. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

best apple tv games to try

Sometimes the most incredible games are just classics. For Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Apple TV, that would appear to be the case. At first, published in 1992, this timeless platform features the favorite blue hedgehog to save the world from Dr. Eggman’s arm, the Death Egg.

Joining Sonic are two of the most recognizable characters in the game, Tails, and Knuckles. Featuring a dozen different stages, as well as a multiplayer mode, this free-to-play game is undoubtedly a steal.

20. Real Racing 3

Racing on the TV screen with a free-to-play system and console-style graphics is Computer Art’s True Racing 3. Move into the driver’s seat and race through 40 different circuits around the world.

The game includes officially sanctioned tracks and over 250 real-world cars from Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, and more. Formula 1 cars have now been tossed into the mix, and you will jump online to race head-to-head with players on the other side of the globe. If you’re a racing enthusiast, we know you will love this authentic rubber-meet-asphalt racing experience—ready, set, go!

21. Badlands 2 

Badlands 2 provides the same fantastic adventure-puzzle atmosphere that made its predecessor great while introducing innovative in-game elements to expand gameplay. Flap through the forest like a tiny black, ball-shaped bird, using the wings to navigate the levels.

Just make careful to clear barriers such as water, flames, and frost. For replay ability, the developers also provided three different playable modes, including the longest to survive, the most copies to save, or the quickest to hit the finish. If you haven’t picked up a Badlands game in the past, starting with this well-tuned sequel is a perfect place to play.

22. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows (Apple Arcade)

Tale of Crows is demanding tactics play that took place around 8,000 years ago. Make critical resource choices as you play Lord Commanders’ role and set up expeditions beyond the wall to mold history itself.

The game is designed to be obsessed with a story idle feature that guarantees time moves in the game even though you’re not playing. Messages and results may come in the meantime, and you may be starting a new session to explore contemporary issues. At the same time, the Night’s Watch begins to spin for years.

23. Chrono Trigger 

The world-famous 1995 Chrono Trigger has shifted from the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System to today’s Apple Telev. Chrono Trigger, the first in the Chrono RPG series, whips the player through time on an adventure to save the world.

This new version of the game has undergone a few Square Enix updates, including a revised control system, enhanced graphics, and re-adjusted audio. If you’re itching for an RPG that could take your time in the living room, Chrono Trigger is a fantastic place to start. However, make sure to prepare for the sequel that you would inevitably end up buying.

24. Marble Knights (Apple Arcade)

Marble Knights is a tribute to old arcade-style games like Gauntlet. Its four-player experience and a mysterious environment to explore—with one big exception: everything is made of marbles. The unique terrain provides a friendly and daring atmosphere for players to take part in.

You will be challenged to fight, solve puzzles, and uncover the depths of your marble-powers. These different challenges make the game exciting all over the mission as you travel to beat the marble-man Lord Terroball.

25. Modern Combat 5

This first-person shooter from mobile game developer Gameloft shows that the company may have a hit on its hands. The fifth installation in the Modern Fighting series features advanced graphics and precise controls that we’ve come to expect from a console game.

Players can choose from nine custom classes, including assault, heavy, recon, sniper, support, and more, and then jump into the online multiplayer action. You will pick up class skills and new achievements as you progress through the game, helping you master the battlefield.

26. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time (Apple Arcade)

best apple tv games to try

If you haven’t played the super-authentic Samurai Jack game—with the original voice actors—then Apple TV is the best device to play it on. The show is based carefully on every character, setting, and unique visual. You will find yourself in environments that feel incredibly familiar throughout space and time.

You may even find a few family enemies who require you to test your skills in fighting. The graphics and action gameplay plunge you into this world, and you can feel like a swing or a battle.

27.  A Monster’s Expedition (Apple Arcade)

Check out the surreal, floating world of Expedition, which makes gaming relaxing and aesthetically appealing, even though some puzzles can appear confusing. It’s about visiting a world of boring islands and discovering the ruins of many dead, ancient civilizations. One of the best apple arcade games of this year.

The laughter of the creature is poured over the game since it muses over humankind. The ultimate aim is to discover or establish roads between the various islands without things being too disadvantageous. This feeling is adorable and emotionally inspiring.


Gaming industry growing non-stop after COVID, with all the latest gaming consoles and accessories flooding in the market to capture the user’s attention. We are spending more than anytime on history for gaming, apps, and movies, and Apple will sure don’t want to miss this opportunity on their platforms.

Apple tv games are one of them in their list where they want to keep their loyal fans to spend more and have fun. So do try these best apple tv games in this list and let us know your favorite games in the comment section below. 

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