You can’t seem to locate the episodes you especially want to watch online? or searching Best Anime Websites to watch endlessly.

 You aren’t alone. Hardcore anime enthusiasts outside Japan likewise struggle to watch an anime that they wish to watch because it isn’t accessible in their region.

 If you understand how loyal anime has become to the fan base over the past, you can already envision how distressing it is not to have the opportunity to stream anime online for free.

The global anime market size was estimated at USD 21.91 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 23.50 billion in 2020.

Thankfully, the advent of the web and the launch of widespread streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made accessing this precious content far more doable.

Anime was once only accessible in restricted volumes on prime time television. The market pioneers in streaming anime include Crunchyroll, WatchMojo, and There are various outstanding and prominent anime websites online. We will introduce you to both paying and free anime streaming sites to accommodate your anime viewing desires.

Here is our list of suggested anime streaming websites.

Best Anime Websites

best anime websites

1. Crunchyroll

On this website, you can discover the entire list of Best Anime Websites. Crunchyroll has anime videos available for streaming and anime information, popular dramas, movie trailers, and feature shows.

The best part of Crunchyroll is ad-free and fast to upload (one hour after Japan broadcasts the episode). A free 14-day trial permits you to use four devices for free. Manga subscriptions include admission to digital manga.

Crunchyroll has been among the longest in the anime streaming sector. Fans of anime and manga are mostly attached to the culture. It contains media rights to renowned anime and manga characters. It is available in over 180+ countries—exclusive licensing agreements with some of the most popular anime properties.

Crunchyroll is a leading internet site for viewing anime and has been so for a long time. Its tidy interface, accessible pricing, and overall interactive platform allow its best appeal to anime lovers.

2. Funimation

This website is one of the top anime distributors on the internet. It downloads new content regularly. Sony Pictures and Aniplex of Japan have produced several different anime series, but few have been published in the USA.

The shows viewed in all great series include Shounen, Romance, Action/Adventure, Live-Action, Psychological, Slice of Life, Mystery, Horror, Shoujo, Science Fiction, and Fan Service Comedy.

And because you can’t miss the latest episode and movie, it has a complete programming schedule located at a time and language that people can follow.

The site is available in 47 different countries and through 15 various networking networks. If you’re not allowed to access the internet, you can use a VPN to access it.

Subscription options include videos such as ad-free ones, an extensive selection of cover videos (new releases and classics), and simulcast (direct from Japan).

3. AnimeHeaven

Many of the show’s dialogs have been derived from popular anime online since AnimeHeaven is often shown on television (in the same way a reality TV show would be). This archive includes titles of little or little importance elsewhere. One of the best Anime Websites of our list here.

The website is set out with movies like the popular Netflix and Hulu subscription platforms, enabling users to make movie recommendations. This application has a category called “Series,” “Movies,” “Continuing series, “Shows Inside Series,” “Popular Shows,” “Timetable,” and “Random Suggestions.”

You will watch free video content and expect the website to show ad popups on the website.

4. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet seeks to be the conduit for discovering new connections, lovers, and relatives.

You can browse through shows and movies according to who wants them, when they were released, which movies they came from, and how the worldwide public views each movie.

Apple TV users can use their device’s Anime section to leave a comment on the site’s anime reviews area.

The list shows that you are interested in watching, so you can think about your preferences.

Its Japanese bookstore has a wide range of books rotating between manga and novels. Anime-Planet members can now reach the club’s official message board, and they can also interact with other members there.

5. Tubi TV

Any of the classics from classic anime such as “Akira” and “Yu Yu Hakusho” to “Boruto and “Fairy Tail” new series, Tubi TV is one of the best free streaming services available today. Be sure to check recent affairs and new releases on TV programs, and even watch episodes of your beloved anime shows from time to time.

The platform inserts advertisements and commercials into a video streaming program because it is the only way to make their content available to everyone. Without the distraction of banner after banner after banner that teases and tantalizes, the feeling is always thrilling. If you are interested in using the Tubi TV advertised on this list, there is an array of online services.

6. Hulu

The famous streaming platform, Hulu, is known for its live TV, film, and original programs, but its range of anime content will surpass that of other streaming sites in this niche. The films, such as Dragon Ball Z and Cowboy Bebop, from other anime classics to English-dubbed movies such as Akira and Studio Ghibli productions, Hulu won’t disappoint anime fans who want HD content shows.

Hulu still holds the new anime series to help you spend some time. Plans come in three different ad-funded, ad-free, or ad-free environments that include live TV.

7. AnimeFreak

With thousands of episodes of your favorite anime shows in different genres (fantasy, rock, suspense, spoof, adventure, and even supernatural, to name a few), AnimeFreak is your go-to site for all free streaming content.

Here, I will get you to the new OVA shows, film, and other anime (whatever this is) features. Plus, as well as getting thousands of manga that has been properly translated right after the chapter publication. You will surely make this one as a bookmark in our list of Best Anime Websites.

About the only thing that is very annoying with AnimeFreak is the frequent pop-ups that occur.

best anime websites 4

8. 9Anime

“9Anime”, the most popular anime streaming service rapidly publishes new episodes of popular anime soon after they are broadcast on the official TV show. As a result of this, two websites have been created(y); and Here is where you can choose to filter based on region, season, type, language, genre, year, or status.

Here is a website instead of the dubbed version of the anime in 1080p video resolution. It is packed with adventure, as well as a horror theme. Certain games were produced in the 1990s and early 2000s, and some are still very popular today.

“It also wouldn’t be wise to post every time it happens just in case, so will just post it at specific time counting down to the next episode.”

9. KissAnime

Made popular because of its fun, in-depth knowledge and as it got more popular, it was shut down because of legal problems. Until 2006 the domain name was one of the most popular torrent platform, at least in the popular Russian community. Sadly, the FSB seized the domain name soon afterwards.

The group of data contains all anime episodes tagged as “Completed,” which indicates when the series has concluded. has pages on common episodes uploaded that allow you to check for a list of anime according to name, popularity and last added. Every anime series has full details and a short summary and also airing dates and the number of views.

Alternative Sites: kissanime.NZ,,

10. AnimeDao

A subscription platform that provides thousands of different anime series is easy to use and filled with everything a customer wants.

Look out for this movies latest update, its newest series of movies, and its added compilation of classic films.

If you are dreaming about something you hadn’t planned to do, push the random button so the site will recommend it to you.

Both the anime episodes as well as the movies are available on Blu-ray with subtitles in HD for watching on a computer, tablet, or portable screen.

When watching shows or movies on Netflix, be careful of pop-up ads.

11. AnimeLab

Stream the biggest change in anime you have ever seen in high resolution frame-by-frame video.

It is an array of different movies and TV shows that has a comprehensive draw to young people and adults.

The website offers a special way to catch up with the newest chapters of your favorite animation series.

In this list, Shows are classified by their newly introduced, normal, and subbed groups.

Because of the basic plan, which is available for free, you can enjoy comfortable picture quality at 480p. The subscription Bundle (sub $5.85 a month), while not free, is a very worthwhile offering with ad-free, direct video movies, movie-simulcast-sub, dubbed copies, offline replay, and priority support.

AnimeLab is only available for Subscriptions in Australia and New Zealand at this time. If you’re prohibited from accessing the internet, you might even use a VPN to access it.

12. VIZ

Finding the Best Anime Websites is a bit easy in old days, but now the internet changed everything. Since its founding in 1986, VIZ has been in the manga industry for over three decades.

It imported many Japanese pop culture products to the world, which resulted to the development of much of the current manga comics in the region.

To complement the original program which includes old classics such as “Ranma 1/2” and the Dragon Ball, it also offers new ones such as “Boruto”. In the future, consumers can store their app library so that they do not continue to access their recording devices frequently.

The Japanese version of the anime will be published by the VIZ Manga translation service shortly after the Japanese version is broadcast. So you will be watching shows like Sailor Moon and Inuyasha for free online.

13. Fire Anime

Although the Fire Anime homepage does not have the kind of online streaming production like CrunchyRoll’s, the website gets a lot of connections from other anime sites. The 10 most frequently watched Fire genre shows are Extra Anime, Popular Anime, New Seasons, All Anime, Environments, TvAnimes, Adorable Anime, and Shorts.

To save some money, you can use various streaming services like the Firestick to watch most anime for free.

14. Chia-Anime

As long as you have a strong internet access, anime fans may want to watch Chia-Anime because it features top anime shows such as “Naruto Shippuden”, “Bleach”, and “One Piece”.

Within an hour of the Japanese broadcast, fans can already access the show on several anime streaming pages. You can prepend episode by one of your favorite shows. And even prepend “Random” to get some of the recommended anime.

Remember that all of the shows on the site are absolutely open and open to the public without a paywall. If you do not mess with this, expect advertisements to appear most of the time.

15. VRV

This streaming platform holds anime titles that are sourced from HIDIVE and Crunchyroll catalogs and are hosted in complete HD, so consumers are promised high-quality copies and excellent subtitling. It’s one of the best website to watch anime for free.

The famous programs on its roster include Hunter x Hunter, Food Wars!, and Space Dandy. Not to mention SAO, OnePiece, and Fairy Tail.

People live outside of the US need VPN to access the web. The website offers a 30-day free trial (which is a lot longer than most complimentary trials offered by streaming sites).

The paid $9.99 version of the app provides access to recent episodes and series, while also maintaining the opportunity to stream without commercials.

16. GoGoAnime

Anime enthusiasts can pick from a wide variety of genres at the website provided the vast range available here from the regular ones such as comedy and action to the more unique ones such as mecha and Shounen Ai.

The translated English series can be watched (LOL) a long time, and they are definitely not going to keep you busy for a long time. And there are still more than one video streaming services to select.

Plus, this streaming platform features the finest OVA (original video animation) and ONA (original net animation) in high quality. Anything available is provided for free as external outlets host a broadcast.

best anime websites 4

17. IQIYI International

There is a streaming site out there that has some of the most popular anime cult videos discovered, such as Dr. STONE and Monster Girl Doctor. There are various English subtitles that are available in programs aside from Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Hindi. So we have the best dubbed anime websites category here as well.

One of the great things about HD streaming sites is they don’t have a lot of advertising, which is a positive thing for free streaming sites such as this. Subscribing to anime shows also provides access to all non-animated shows and movies from Korea and China. It is one of the top anime sites of all time.

18. MyAnimeList

This streaming platform has become a favorite for anime fans because of its large range of content, as well as its reputation for being an all-in-one outlet for anime reviews, articles, forum discussions, and promotional videos.

The key thing that sets MyAnimeList apart from other ones is that it is really

comprehensive with textual details about any anime series or movie that are featured.

Using the website, merchants can find out information about movies from various genres, including synopsis, history, alternate title, production information, characters, voice actors, opening and closing themes, ratings, and statistics . (score, rank, popularity, members, and favorites).

When you sign up to use MyAnimeList, you will be given one of the most up to date and user-friendly websites to use. It contains a wide variety of these perks at just $2.99 a month.

If you are not signed in, pick “Video on Demand” and that you will be delivered an advertising.

19. All4

When it comes to anime, Channel 4 has a wonderful subscription service that provides a wide variety of TV shows. It now offers a wide range of anime shows along with some of the more popular ones as well such as “Cardcaptor Sakura”, “Vision of Escaflowne”, “Megalobox”, and “Tokyo Ghoul” to name a few.

In the spring of this year, Netflix added several famous shows such as “Kill la Kill” and “Persona 5”. Add your favorite anime series to your My List Library, and start watching each episode, day or night. The All4+ Package offers consumers the ability to miss advertisements and comes with a free trial too.

20. Anime Digital Network

There’s pride heading this French anime streaming websites being one of France’s leading anime resources, and in Luxembourg and Belgium as well. It has built an alliance with a Japanese video streaming platform and masks its presence by developing the streaming service on a Japanese domain.

As a reminder, content is the same in it’s native language of Japanese and French with two separate subtitles. The Online streaming kit is 6.99 euros with links to HD content.

21. AsianCrush

People who enjoy Anime are attracted to AsianCrush because it brings a wide variety of Anime shows from action to rom-com. Fans can even pick various areas of Europe, and even their own theme if they like (revenge, family, historical, sports, etc.).

Members have subscribed to all of the content for $4.99 a month. Your subscription won’t disclose advertising. The content can be easily accessed by customers via Mobile, Tablet, and on Roku, and Firestick tablets.

22. Netflix

As a leading subscription service that provides a wide range of movies and shows (A Silent Voice, Pokémon), Netflix’s Segment of Anime is one of the most highly recommended (Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online).

best anime websites 4

Netflix does a better job of categorizing its anime content according to various categories, such as the teen section, the crime component, the fantasy part, the humor part, the action part, the sci-fi part, the adventure part, and the drama part.

To bring in still more audiences, Netflix also shows its original anime such as Nihon Sinks: 2020 and Anime exclusives such as Castlevania and Little Witch Academia. It is one of the most popular and Best Anime Websites of our catagory.


These Houston based streaming-services give users a very comprehensive anime titles and the catalog of shows and movies which have been released since the 70s. Lastly, the latest simulcasts from Japan can be seen in 1080p or even HD quality.

What makes it unique is that it represents a small community of anime enthusiasts, who have a special curiosity in the titles that can get most anime fans excited. Although the video is censored, audiences can easily change the colour of the subtitles and customize certain elements of the script.

As for the quality of the content that HIDIVE provides, their technology is one of the biggest in the region.

The subscription cost is just $4.99 a month with a 30-day free trial as an incentive for potential subscribers.

24. HBO Max

In terms of timeline, HBO’s “Max” takes the longest route to reveal each new episode, so it is difficult to come across anime stuff unless you want the ‘whole’ view. There is a large selection of anime to pick from, from the full Ghibli library to Rurouni Kenshin.

best anime websites

And since it’s owned by AT&T together, HBO Max helps users to download 17 anime series (Fullmetal Alchemist and Re: ZERO, for example) straight from the streaming website, Crunchyroll, which is also part of the AT&T network.

You can watch any of one of HBO’s original series like Game of Thrones, Real Detective, or Ballers. In addition to premiering new original series, HBO also actually shows Family Guy and the Vikings (Game of Thrones and Doom Patrol).

Those that are already HBO Now subscribers or those who have a subscription to the channel via a TV or telephone service provider immediately receive access to HBO Max.

25. RetroCrush

Many who enjoy cult classic movies have nothing else to go but Retro Crush. People who purchase the anime titles such as Lupin III, Voltes V, Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis, and Fantastic Teacher Onizuka will still be provided with new titles to choose from.

Fans of the ongoing “Best Anime movies are a sure hit among fans” would continue to watch these movies as reassurance that they can still enjoy those movies even though they are now older.

The great thing about this is that it has no irritating advertising, which also provides free entry whether you are in the United States or Canada. At any point, it would be best if you had a VPN.

26. Soul Anime

Don’t get too overwhelmed by the garish sounding gui of Soul Anime. It has retained its reputation as a great platform to stream anime online for free. It features almost all of the TV anime titles that could potentially be seen during one’s lifespan as well as the best of what the rest of the Internet has to offer today.

In this page, you won’t get lost on a website full of irritating ads. For the same resolution, it still delivers fantastic content as a free platform. If you are looking for something anime-based, there is a choice for you to narrow it down to by genre or alphabet.

Soul Anime is pretty nasty. It is normal to drive people away; this may be the case for you. Although still not recommended, anime downloading is a nice alternative to viewing the newest shows for free. To go through this website or app, is really easy to work through. It also has a diverse selection of anime old and modern. It is easy to find in most countries.


This site is absolutely devoted to anime series. You can glean it from the “anime” in the site name. Many of the streaming shows that are authorized by US companies are featured here.

And unlike the conventional cigarette, the e-cigarette cuts out the irritating ads. You can stream your show in up to 1080p resolution given that you have the hardware that is, the correct hardware. It has a free website and also broadcasts shows like Trigun, Kite, Spice, and Wolf.

28. Animestreams.NET

The platform is really well managed, and there is what I call a “mini-portal” that breaks it down by type. When you see a lot of anime previews in front of watching anime, there still appears to be a lot of pop-up advertising.

This site gives you the opportunity, if you don’t find what you want, to fill out a request form and have it brought back to you a few days later after being sought out. It features both subtitled and dubbed anime and it’s really successful.


The site being checked looks very good and built well. And one of the easiest and fastest sites to watch anime. Furthermore, there will be no popup advertisements or pop-up advertising. This website generates an HTML code that embeds video players that enable users to watch animes and cartoons with numerous captions and animations.

This blog has a very well-organized subject list. Show-oriented documentaries are typically categorized as either finished or in progress.


Anime is one of the most common forms of animation available. The website is easy to visit.

The strongest feature of the website is that you will not be bombarded by so many advertisements. The web is open to use, but the site seems to be premium. Anything on the website is taken care of absolutely. Take a look at this page.

Also, 30 Free Youtube Anime Channels

youtube anime channels

As said already, some of these free anime websites are restricted to some countries depend on where you live, but you have a best alternative to watch anime series on Youtube channels. All you have to do, go through the below list of best Youtube anime channels and subscribe to the channel. So next time, when your favourite show episode drops, you ll get the notification on your device.

  1. Ani-One
  2. Animelog
  3. AnimeUnity
  4. AnimeBuzz
  5. Bandai America
  6. Beyblade Official
  7. Beyblade Burst
  8. Black Anime Network
  9. BobSamurai
  10. Cardfight Vanguard
  11. Coolmic (Censored Mature/BL/Smut Anime)
  12. Crunchyroll
  13. Discotek Media
  14. DouchebagChocolat
  15. Funimation
  16. Gundam.Info
  17. Glass Reflection
  18. Midnight Pulp
  19. Muse Asia
  20. Nabusi TV
  21. Nozomi Entertainment
  22. Subaru-Gainax Anime Project
  23. TMS Entertainment
  24. Toei Animation
  25. Voltron
  26. Chibi Maruko-Chan (Japanese)
  27. Chibi Maruko-Chan (International)
  28. Coji Coji (Japanese)
  29. Coji Coji (International)
  30. Yamato Animation (Italian)


What are common devices used for watching anime?

To watch your favorite anime series online, you can use iPhone, tablet, laptop, computer, and many other devices for watching movies.

What is Anime and Why is it so popular?

Anime is usually a term given to any form of an animated product that comes out of the Japanese Animation Industry. It is not only for kids, movies like Matrix, Pacific Rim are great examples of anime for adults. 

What’s the difference between Anime and Manga?

Anime, derived from animation, represent an animated video. It is a cartoonish film or show developed and produced in Japan.

Manga, although also developed and produced in Japan, implies still images arranged in a book, aka comic books.

Are anime streaming sites legal?

Yes, anime streaming sites are legal if you are viewing anime content from fully verified services or within the popular public domain.

Do you need a VPN for anime streaming sites?

Ofcourse. Having a VPN is a must if using these anime streaming sites.

By Geeke