Atipico T4

“Atypical”, says goodbye with its fourth season destined for Antarctica

We all know the great productions and successes of the Netflix platform such as La casa de papel or the squid gamebut there are smaller series that I am sure that if you know them you will not forget them because you will fall in love with their characters, this is the case of the series Atypical (Atypical).

On July 9, its fourth and final season premiered, which has left us orphaned as a series for a while, but with a good taste in our mouths.

Atípico is a series created by Robia Rashid who had previously worked on series like The Goldbergs and How I Met Your Mother.

Atípico was released in August 2017 and brings us closer to everyday Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), a young man with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) initially in high school with the discovery of love and sexuality and already in this fourth season he is a young university student who shares a flat with Zahid his best friend and co-worker and struggling to adjust to adult life.

Although we are used to series like Big Bang Theory in which the condition of autism of protagonism is always used in a comedy key in Atypical it is not like that, the most comical situations come from other characters who have been gaining prominence in the series like his girlfriend Paige (Jenna Boyd).

The characters have evolved with the series

Throughout its four seasons, the arc of transformation that its characters have experienced has been very broad.

His parents elsa and doug they have left behind their marital problems subplot with which they were protagonists in the first two seasons, to make way for the evolution that the character of the sister has undergone with her discovery of her sexual orientation when starting a relationship with Izzie.

In fact, in some chapter of this fourth season, her sister Casie ( Brigette Lundy-Paine) has been more of a protagonist than Sam himself.

Another thing that has been noticed in this fourth season is that Sam manages to control his frustrations better and better and has not had to repeat his list of Chinstrap, Emperor, Papua, Adelaide penguins that made him regain control.

The writers could have taken advantage of Sam’s life sharing a flat with his friend, to have provoked more humorous situations, but since it was a season of 10 last episodes, they preferred to divert the inks to the organization of a trip to Antarctica, one of the dreams and Sam’s life projects.

The series has sometimes been questioned because associations of parents of children and young people with autism accuse it of not always being in line with reality or that its leading role does not really have autism, I do not want to go into that, but only say that if fiction came too close to reality, it would still cease to be fiction.

In short, a series that I recommend with chapters of just half an hour, and with characters that will undoubtedly touch your heart and that we are glad that the director has been given the opportunity to close the plot this season and not cancel it without prior notice. as it happens on so many occasions.

By Geeke