A 31-year-old woman was the victim of a attempted femicide in the Buenos Aires town of Saint Ferdinand when he told his ex-partner that he did not want to continue with the relationship. The woman was stabbed in the back while the aggressor tried to commit suicide by stabbing the knife into his chest several times.

The incident began when the girl, identified as Gabriela Nunezappeared last Sunday afternoon at the address of the aggressor, a house on Entre Ríos Street at 1400 in the aforementioned town in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, to remove his belongings and end the bond.

There he met his ex-partner, Luis Alberto Gomez, 37, who tried to persuade her to continue the relationship. Given her refusal, she Núñez was attacked with a knife by the man with whom she had begun a love affair months ago after separating from her husband, with whom she has children.

According to the victim’s account, Gómez would have had violent attitudes that made her decide to break up the couple and tell him that she was leaving him to return to her home in Lomas de Zamora, with her husband and children.

One of the investigators revealed to Télam that the moment before he began to stab his victim, the now-detained man hugged her and told her: “If you’re not going to be with me, you’re not going to be with anyone.”

Behind the attempted femicide, the defendant tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully stabbing himself several times with a knife in the chest. He is currently hospitalized and detained, judicial and police sources reported today.

Badly injured, Núñez managed to escape from the house and went out into the street to ask the neighbors for help, who immediately approached. When they saw that the aggressor wanted to escape on a bicycle, they intercepted him, detained him and brought him back into the house.

Meanwhile, Núñez was transferred to the Petrona V. Cordero Hospital San Fernando by a neighbor in his private vehicle.

Police personnel arrived at the scene and found Gómez bloodied, lying on a bed and with a knife by his side. While the police asked for support and an ambulance, the defendant took the knife again and stabbed himself several times in the chest, near his heart.

Staff arrived at the scene Citizen Protection and an ambulance Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) of San Fernando, which transferred the accused to the same hospital in San Fernando where the victim had gone.

Both patients underwent surgical interventions. Núñez was admitted with a series of stab wounds in the region of his left shoulder blade, although he was conscious at all times and is out of danger.

On the other hand, the defendant Gómez also remains hospitalized, although in serious condition in intensive care and in custody, since he is in detention.

The case is investigated by the prosecutor karina bianchi, head of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) specialized in Gender Violence of San Fernando. If he recovers, Bianchi will charge Gómez with the crime of “attempted femicide”which carries a sentence of 10 to 15 years in prison.

Attempted femicide She was stabbed by her ex after informing

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