Ariel and Fairy free at Clarel with Club Dia card

If you are a member of day club you can get your product purchases ariel and fairy in the shops Clarel totally free.

Having the Club Día Card has multiple benefits such as exclusive offers and discounts for partners.

The combination of using Day Club card In the purchase of Ariel and Fairy products, now for a few days, you have the advantage of accumulating 100% in your balance for specific products.

You can get a wallet coupon with the balance equivalent to 100% of purchases made from Ariel and Fairy in physical Clarel stores to use in your future purchases.

You can also benefit from 70% discounts on the second unit in brands such as Pantene; 50% off second unit on select H&S and Olay items; 70% on the second unit of Ariel Dishwasher all in 1, Fairy Selection Dishwasher, Firy Ultra power 800ml and many more offers.

How do I get the 100% balance for Ariel and Fairy?

Acquire 1 unit or more of Ariel and Fairy products in any of their varieties at Clarel stores with your Club DIA card during the promotional period. Once you get your balance you can use it for future purchases

More information

You have time from August 24 to september 6 of 2022 to make purchases.

The September 7th the calculation of the amount generated will be made and the coupon will be assigned to you with the corresponding balance.

If you have digital coupons, you can select them through the DIA Club APP and redeem them at Clarel’s physical stores.

If you have paper coupons, you can go to any physical Clarel store to redeem them.

The coupon redemption period will run from the 8th to the September 20 2022 or until the balance is exhausted.

The promotion is exclusive to Clarel physical stores.

You can check the legal bases in this link.

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type)Gift: Refund of 100% of the amount of Ariel and FairyLink:Ariel and Fairy free at Clarel with Club Día card Mechanics:Make an Ariel or Fairy purchase at Clarel stores with your Club DIA card and get your 25% purse coupon for future purchasesBasesLinkTime:4 minutes + purchase time

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