Argentine families with surrogate babies were sent to Poland

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This Saturday, after a series of diplomatic efforts, five Argentine families with surrogate babies who were staying in the basement of the residence of the Argentine embassy in Ukrainewere sent to Poland.

The news was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Nation, santiago cafiero, who, through their social networks, expressed: “5 Argentine families with 5 surrogate babies were housed since Monday in the basement of the residence of our Embassy in Ukraine. They are already on their way to Poland.”

In his message, the Argentine foreign minister thanked the work carried out by the ambassador Elena Mikusinski and the diplomatic corps.

“There are 83 Argentines registered and 20 who are temporarily in Ukraine. Our embassy continues to work to provide them with assistance,” he reported.

As the official explained, Argentina began to articulate actions with the foreign ministries of Chile, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador, with the aim of “advancing in the implementation of an evacuation plan when the security conditions”.

In this way, coffee He recalled that only Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba have diplomatic representation in Ukraine and explained: “That is why we are working with the different foreign ministries to help Latin American citizens.”

Last Thursday, after the beginning of the Russian military attack on Ukraine, the Argentine Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing its “firm rejection of the use of armed force” and lamented the escalation of the situation generated in Ukraine.

“Fair and lasting solutions can only be achieved through dialogue and mutual commitments that ensure the essential peaceful coexistence. For this reason, it calls on the Russian Federation to cease military actions in Ukraine,” they noted.

Likewise, from the San Martín Palace they added that “the intensification of the winds of war seriously hinders the urgent objective of preserving life” and highlighted: “It is essential that all those involved act with the greatest prudence and de-escalate the conflict right now in all its edges to guarantee peace and integral security of all nations”.

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