Argentina already has defined rivals in the Billie Jean King Cup

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The Argentine team of the Billie Jean King Cup will be part of Zone A of Group 1 of the American Zone of the aforementioned event, which will be held from April 13 to 16 in Salinas, Ecuador, together with Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala.

In turn, zone B will be made up of Paraguay, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador.

Regarding the development of these matches, the first two teams in each zone will qualify for the semifinals, whose winners will manage to return to the Play-offs of the contest.

Meanwhile, the third and fourth of each group will fight to avoid the two descents to Group II of the American Zone.

The dispute system will be two singles and one doubles, to the best of three sets with a tie break.

It is worth mentioning that the captain of the Argentine cast, Mercedes Paz, recently confirmed that Paula Ormaechea (156°), Lourdes Carlé (251°), Jazmín Ortenzi (49°4) and the newcomers Julia Riera (54°7) and Solana Sierra ( 680°) will be the players who represent the country.

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