Antonella Roccuzzo’s request to a fan

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the fame of Leo Messi it extends to his entire family, and arouses passions with each member of his closest nucleus. An example of this is the number of followers it harvests Antonella Roccuzzo in their nets, and the stir they cause every time they go out for a walk with their children.

For this reason, a follower turned to twitter to tell how the meeting with the footballer’s partner was and what Antonella asked of said crossing.

Apparently Roccuzzo was walking the streets of Paris with Ciro, Mateo and Thiago when a fan began to film them. There she Antonella noticed that her steps were being recorded and she very kindly approached the young man to ask him not to record the children.

In exchange, Messi’s partner agreed to take a photo with the young man who later posted his anecdote on Twitter.

“Messi’s wife asked me not to record her children, I lowered my cell phone and I apologized to her, she tells me that if I want a photo, I can take one with her, she protects her children so that she can have peace of mind when she goes out to walk. In the end a photo with Antonela Roccuzzo “, he wrote on the networks along with several emojis.

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