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Even the Na’vi can be Lightless and roam the Midlands of the Elden Ring.

What build would a Na’vi use in Elden Ring?

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As we have seen on many occasions, players are capable of doing anything with the elden ring character editor, a little patience and a specific build, like this Simon Belmont from Castlevania or Professor Garlick from Hogwarts Legacy, but it doesn’t stop there. A player has made his own version of the Na’vi of Avatarand it is to break.

FromSoftware is not the leading company at the moment in terms of the technology of your gameslet’s also remember that Elden ring is intergenerational, but the Elden Ring character editor is a tool with lots of possibilities which players are getting a lot of use out of since the game’s release at the beginning of last year.

Elden Ring directed by James Cameron

This is a creation shared on the Reddit forums by a user named SoulfearicAcid, who has spent a good deal of time shaping his Elden Ring Na’vi character. He comments in the comment box that it was somewhat difficult to get the shape and spacing of the eyes without losing the general shape of the face, just like with the nose, but the result is extraordinary.

My Take On A Na’vi From Avatar
by u/SoulfearicAcid inEldenring

Without a doubt, this user has hit the nail on the head with the shape of the face of the Na’vi, its characteristic blue color and yellow eyes. At least, with the options that the Elden Ring character creator allows. She’s a little more muscular than a normal Na’vi, but oh well.

Elden Ring continues to be one of the games of the moment despite the fact that the popularity of the FormSoftware game seems to be hibernating until the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree, the highly anticipated game expansion It does not yet have a specific release date.

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