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Kim Hyun Jin’s ‘Cheer Up’ will be premiered on October 3 at 10 p.m. KST. The drama stars Jin Seon Ho, who has an idol-like appearance and a warm smile. The film also stars Kim Hyun Jin, who will be able to display his powerful presence.

‘AG Namsangjun’

Ahngraphics Typography Institute is an affiliated lab of Ahngraphics Ltd. The institute focuses on the design of typefaces by deeply studying and analyzing human language. Its research includes multilingual typesetting, database construction, and workshops and seminars. It also develops its own typefaces, including Ahnsangsoo and Choijeongho.


Aseullang is one of the many works of Korean typeface designer Kim Hyunjin. He graduated from Hongik University and joined the AG Typography Institute, where he continually developed Aseullang. The result is a beautiful, unique typeface that has a distinct style.

‘Cheer Up’

The upcoming drama ‘Cheer Up’ stars rookie actor Kim Hyunjin. He’s a model under YG Entertainment and is set to play the lead character. He has an engaging voice and a band sound that makes him an appealing presence in the drama.

Cheer Up is a drama about a regu of a tinggi perguruan. Masa kejayaannya berlalu sekarang kehancuran. In the drama, Kim Hyun Jin berperan as an anggota of the perguruan sorak and a journalist.


Kim HyunJin’s album, HeeJin, is a pre-debut project that was released on October 5, 2016. It features the song “ViViD”, which is a popular dance track from Loona. It also includes an acoustic mix.

HeeJin is a beautiful, talented, intelligent, and kind girl. She always has the best interests of her friends and family at heart. And she sings like an angel! She has a lot of potential.


Seonghwa kim hunjin is a singer in the South Korean idol group ATEEZ. Her name is a play on words that means “to be a star,” and she was given it by her parents. As a youngster, she first auditioned as a vocalist and rapper at KQ Entertainment. She also applied to the MIXNINE program, but did not get in.

Since their debut on October 24, 2018, ATEEZ has become extremely popular with fans worldwide. Their beautiful discography, captivating stage presence, and loveable members have made them a highly sought-after group in the K-Pop industry. They are poised to become one of the top K-pop groups of the fourth generation.

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