Agustina Cherri revealed which partner was difficult for her to work with

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After starring in La 1-5/18, and taking a well-deserved vacation, agustina cherri was a guest at LAM, where together with Angel of Britoand the panelists, were encouraged to chat about current issues and things from their private lives.

There it was that after the driver’s question about her co-workers and if she had ever had conflicts, the actress did not hesitate to remember a work situation that she was able to resolve over time.

“I did not have many quilombos. I am very calm. At the time it happened to me Sebastian Estevanez, when we made Los Pensionados. He came from doing Los Buscas, he was breaking it, now I adore him, but at that time he was late, he didn’t know the lyrics, he came in one… and I wanted to do my job and go home, “he began by telling.

And he added: “I confronted him and he told the one who crossed me. First I told him, not like this, that I’m recording all day and that I wanted to go home. Know the lyrics and if not record his shot and then mine. I must admit that in Separadas I recorded again with Seba and nothing to do with it”, he clarified.

“It was a moment, we were young, another stage. But it was the only one I had that with so I wanted to kill him. Later he would make me laugh because he is a spectacular character that I love him, I see him and I hug him. But at his time there was that, until we found ourselves in the way of working”, he recalled about that experience that remained in his memory.

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