Aguinamar raffles 62 lots and a trip to the winning

Register a product ticket Aguinamar and you can win a batch of products daily valued at €32.35 or the final prize of a trip.

Valued at up to €3,000

Bring to your table the best of the sea at the hands of Aguinamar, a range of selected products with high nutritional value and win in flavour, healthy eating and incredible prizes.

The Aguinamar products in promotion are:

Aguinamar Rabas 200gAguinamar Sea Rings 210gAguinamar Lang Skewers. Garlic 145gAguinamar Lang Skewers. Chili And Lemon 145gAguinamar Mediterranean Prawn Skewer 145gAguinamar Cooked Prawn Tails 90gAguinamar Garlic Prawn Tails 105gAguinamar Mussel Cocotte Juice 500gAguinamar Mussel Cocotte Tomato 900gAguinamar Mussel Cocotte Albariño 500gAguinamar Pintxo Donost. 180gAguinamar Pintxo Donost. 130gAguinamar Pintxo Donost. 2x135gAguinamar Pintxo Salmon 180gAguinamar Pintxo Tuna 180g 8Aguinamar Pintxo Seafood 180gAguinamar Cooked Octopus Leg 200g

Winning Moment Awards:

62 Lots of Aguinamar products composed of:

Salmon Pintxo (180g)Donostiarra Pintxo (180g)Seafood Pintxo (180g)Tuna Pintxo (180g)Cooked Shrimp Tails (90g)Garlic Shrimp Tails (105g)Sea Rings (210g)Mussel Cocotte Tomato (500g)Mussel Cocotte Albariño ( 500g).

Awards for final draw:

A bonus of up to €3,000 to travel to the country of the winning team of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The prize will be valid for travel until December 15, 2023.

How do I participate in the Aguinamar draw?

Take part

You’ll instantly know if you’ve won one of the Winning Moment awards.

You can participate as many times as you want, always with a new purchase ticket each time.

You have time from October 15 to December 18 th of 2022.

The final draw will take place on Decembre 19th of 2022.

Good luck!

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