Accumulate San Miguel points and exchange them for gifts

Now buying the bottles of San Miguel Special and San Miguel 0.0% you can get pincodes and accumulate them to exchange them for the prizes in the catalog.

in this incredible Catalogue you will find until 12 prizes and each with a specific allocation of points.

For each pincode you will get 1 point so you will have to get your act together to start enjoying your favorite San Miguel bottles as soon as possible and accumulate the necessary points.

Here is a list of prizes, points and available prize units:

200 San Miguel Umbrella – 40 points150 Yellow or Blue Polarbox Coolers – 50 points150 Vintage Canvas Travel Bag and Vintage Canvas Travel Backpack – 60 points50 Sustainable Speaker – 85 points30 Polaroid Photo Printers – 200 points50 Pairs of San Miguel Hammocks – 250 points25 Samsonite Suitcases – 300 points 25 Giant Pillow Puffs – 400 points 15 Charcoal Barbecues – 500 points 10 Gas Barbecues – 1,000 points

How do I participate in the draw for San Miguel?

Take part

You have time to participate until 4th of September from 2022

If you are clear about the gift you would like to get, do not hesitate to accumulate the necessary points as soon as possible, because there is a limited number of each one.

Go for your summer gifts!

QUICK REFERENCE SHEETCategory:Sweepstakes by purchase
(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 12 products from the San Miguel catalog Link:Accumulate San Miguel points and exchange them for products Mechanics:Buy 1 25cl bottle of San Miguel Especial or San Miguel 0.0%, enter the pin code that appears on the bottle, when you have enough points go to the San Miguel catalog and choose your gift.BasesNot foundTime:3 Minutes + Purchase Time

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