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The result shouldn’t be too surprising.

05/09/2022 23:45

The potential of Minecraft is, to say the least, amazing, since for more than a decade since the famous Mojang title was released, it has been possible to see how its players have done authentic works of art with no more limitations than those of your imagination, an example of this being the recent recreation of Hogwarts that shows us the magical castle in all its splendor.

Under this same premise, it should be noted that although it has always been said that the limit of Minecraft is set by its users, the truth is that, as in all games, minecraft is not infinite, being so that this title had to have a limit hitherto unknown. And I mention the latter since a user has done the madness of get to the limit of the minecraft map.

Death awaits players who reach the end of Minecraft

A Minecraft player manages to mine the entire map

One of the main Minecraft artworks

The latter has been the work of the streamer known as Mystical Midget, who set himself the challenge of reaching the end of minecraft mapthis being a challenge that has not been easy at all, since the number of blocks and hours dedicated to achieving it have been extreme.

In this way, as reported, this user will have tour 32 million blockswhich would have brought him around 2,500 hours to reach the end. And all this with a surprise that could turn unpleasant, since, far from finding an insurmountable wall, the result has been a bug that has led to Game Over. You can take a look below:

Otherwise, it only remains to mention that being one of the most played titles as well as the best seller in history, it is obvious that Minecraft is available on multiple platformsbeing that Mojang’s star title can currently be enjoyed in PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series Samong others.

By Geeke