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He came out on top for losing that mission.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is currently one of the most important in the video game industry, and its fifth numbered installment has managed to open up new horizons for it. It is not that it was not known before, since we are facing a saga that managed to redefine the concept of the open world at the time, but it has been with this fifth installment when people even outside video games have achieved it. This has been achieved thanks especially to Grand Theft Auto Onlinethe multiplayer mode of this title, which has become a success, garnering a large number of users on any of the platforms on which it has been released.

Due to this great success, or rather, due to this large volume of users, from time to time we learn of the most interesting stories, especially related to strange situations that occur because of other users. Now we have met one of these, and we will tell you about it below:

A 32-year-old GTA Online player is considered old to continue playing

The most profitable trolling in history

It is totally natural that in this kind of multiplayer titles, in which many missions require a well-integrated team, there are frictions, and even users who prefer to annoy them instead of helping their team. It’s safe to say all users of Grand Theft Auto Online have more than assumedbut this case has been a bit particular.

Specifically, this has been shared by a Reddit user, and it is that during a mission a colleague of this mentioned user decided to blow up the shipment they had to sell, but just after leaving the game. It seems that this did not sit well with the protagonist of our story, so he decided to contact the Rockstar help center, which has responded. Basically, in this response you are informed that, initially, they do not give compensation in this type of case, but that because he is “a valuable player” they have credited a million GTA dollars to his account.

He ended up losing the mission because of this troll, but in the end he ended up seeing how some more zeros appeared in his game account, which is, although Rockstar denies it, a large compensation for the damages caused.

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