lighttonNext to the Argentine Cinematheque Foundationorganizes a special function dedicated to Carlos Gardel, on the occasion of a new anniversary of his death. It will be on Friday, June 24 at 8:00 p.m. with free admission at the York Cinema.

Two classics will be exhibited: “This is how Carlos Gardel sang”, which brings together ten of the fifteen shorts he filmed in 1930 under the direction of Edward Morera, at pioneer film studios Frederick Valley.

In addition to their enormous documentary value, these shorts have historical importance, because with these songs performed by Gardel, Argentine sound cinema was born, which would have tango as its flag in its development. A new 35mm print made from the original negative by liquid window will be presented at the Cinecolor laboratory in Argentina.

A cinema will honor Carlos Gardel on the 87th anniversary

Photo: Courtesy press

will also be displayed “The day you Love Me”, melodrama in which the woman loved by Gardel dies, Rosita Morenowhich gives rise to sing one of the deepest tangos, created together with Alfredo Le Pera: “His eyes closed.” He also performs other classic songs like “Back”, “Guitar of Mine” and the song that gives the name to the film.

A curious fact is that in this film he has a brief appearance Astor Piazzolla as a child, playing a bobblehead. “The new versions made in 4K that will be exhibited for the first time in this program will allow us to present those almost mythical films to their followers of all ages,” Lumiton said in a press release.

By Geeke