Here are my 9 Shein tips and tricks:

If you are worried about finding plus size clothes on but really want to order, here are some of my top tips:

Refrain from buying items that do not have photographic reviews
Shein encourages their customers to write reviews and upload photos of the items, which is great. You get Shein Points that you can redeem for discounts on future purchases, while written reviews can provide insight, it’s reviews that include photos that inspire the most confidence. Some people also post close-up photos so you can better see what the item of clothing would look like, giving you an idea of ​​what the material would actually look like before you buy it.

Poor quality fabric is usually the biggest problem when we buy from cheap sites. There have been times when I’ve been so excited about a piece of clothing and then looking at a picture in reviews to actually see that the clothing doesn’t look anything like it. Unfortunately not all articles have reviews.

My advice is to suck it up and let someone else be the guinea pig. If I find something I think I’m going to love and there’s no review, I’ll check back in a couple of weeks. Most of the time my patience pays off and there are reviews with photos that make my decision very easy.

See items in ALL colors

This applies to ALL online purchases. If an item is available in multiple colors, please check the images of the item in each color. Items in darker colors generally photograph better and hide any flaws or “economic factors” in the fabric and materials. Again, there have been times where I have found things that I fell in love with that look great in the pictures, but then I go and check them in another color and see that the fabric looks wrinkled, cheap, etc.

Another GREAT reason to see items in other colors is because SHEIN shares customer reviews for each item color. For example, there may be NO reviews for an item in red, but 100 reviews with images for the exact same item in black. You’ll only notice this when you switch to another color, so be sure to check all colors!

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Check the description of the fabric and material

Okay, these clothes are cheap for a reason; they are mostly made with low-quality fabrics, also known as polyester. Always check the description and the materials with which it is made. If an item is slightly more expensive than similar items, it is most likely made with a better quality fabric. Usually that fabric is a poly/cotton blend, however I’ve been lucky and have found items made with 100% cotton several times. For me, it is worth spending a little more and getting something of better quality.

Do not have high expectations with clothing.

Again, this is an “affordable” website, so don’t expect high designer quality. SheIn is ideal for blouses, dresses and skirts, but be careful with items such as pants, bathing suits, jumpsuits, shoes, etc., where you must choose the size well. Also, these are not made to last forever. I usually buy fashion items that I know I’ll only wear for a year or so or I’m buying for a specific event like a holiday or festival.

compare measurements

I personally have never experienced a problem with sizing. I think sizing issues occurred more frequently a few years ago, but SheIn has since addressed this issue and made modifications to compete in the European market.

Petites, check the sizes of children’s clothing!

Unfortunately, SheIn does not carry small sizes, but I discovered this small shein trick by accident about a month ago. I was looking at a pair of pants and saw at the bottom of the page what I thought was the exact same pair under “See Similar Items”. When I clicked on it, I discovered that it was actually the same item but…in girl’s sizes.

The pants were $3 cheaper in kid sizes, so I was curious and checked the measurements. The girl’s size 160 was a little smaller than the women’s size small. The only place it was smaller was in the length, which is exactly what I needed. I decided to take the risk and ordered the girl’s size instead. They ended up fitting together very well. If you’re petite and find an item you like in women’s sizes, I recommend checking to see if they have the same item in girl’s sizes. If they do, chances are you’ll find a better fit at an even cheaper price.

Shipping: uncheck the insurance box

I always uncheck this box and keep the money. I have never had a problem with my orders arriving.

Tips to save money on Shein.Com

If you are also looking to save money while ordering from, I have also collected a couple of tips and tricks for you to save money when shopping at shein.

Review products to earn points

Although points don’t add up to much, reviewing the products you’ve ordered will help you save money on your next order. If you want to get the maximum number of points, you should try to attach a photo to each review.

Points don’t last forever, so you may want to save reviewing your previous order until just before you place your next order.

Sign up for their newsletter for daily deals

While the daily emails can be annoying, I love seeing what deals they have to offer to newsletter subscribers. Whether it’s 10% off or $5 off orders of $60 or more, it’s worth subscribing to their emails if you’re going to be ordering regularly.

Wait for an offer to be made

Although there is almost always a deal or offer, they often have MEGA deals. I think one of the best ones I found was a 30% discount on orders over $90.

The best thing to do is to revisit the site regularly and subscribe to their newsletter for more information.

Do not pay express delivery

Lastly, I would not recommend paying for express delivery, as most of the time it does not arrive on time.

By Geeke