50000 rebates for Bonduelle E50 and E100 shopping carts

Register the purchase receipt of a product Bonduelle in promotion and tour roulette to get your €1 refund and the prize of your spin.

With Bonduelle you will always win because you will get the €1 refund and also one of the safe gifts of roulette.

Enjoy the traditional flavor of Bonduelle canned and frozen vegetables, its delicious vegetables, ideas for the most original and elaborate recipes and win two prizes for sure.

Products promotion participants:

Bonduelle Corn 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Pea very fine 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Pea medium 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Peas and carrots 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Green beans, cut 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Sprouts 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Mushrooms 212 ml x 3Bonduelle Corn 3Bonduelle Pea Very fine 212 ml x 3Bonduelle medium peas 212 ml x 3bonduelle peas and carrots 212 ml x 3Bondelle Sliced ​​Green Jews 212 ml x 3bonduelle sprouts 212 ml x 3bundolemonebondelle your recipes MediterraneabondUnole your recipes TomatoBonduelle Mashed PumpkinBonduelle Mashed PeasBonduelle Sautéed ParisianBonduelle Sautéed MediterraneanBonduelle PeasBonduelle Broccoli

Insurance Prize:

Reimbursement of €1.00 of the Bonduelle product purchased.

Prize wheel:

Shopping cart worth €100Shopping cart worth €50Refund of €1.00 for the next purchase of a product from the Tus Recetas or Lunch Bowl Bonduelle rangesRefund of €1.00 for the next purchase of a product from the Frozen Bonduelle rangeReimbursement of €1.00 for the next purchase of a product from the Canned Bonduelle range

How do I get a refund and participate in the Bonduelle draw?

Acquire a Bonduelle product in promotion and keep the purchase receipt.Access the “Save with Bonduelle Promotion”Fill in the registration form with the requested data. Upload an image of the purchase ticket. Spin the wheel and get your prize.

Take part

You will instantly know which prize you have won.

You have time from March 25 to June 25th of 2022.

The refund will be made through bank transfer within a maximum period of 20 business days.

Each participant can get up to a total of 4 giftsper person and household.

Go for it!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: Safe gift: €1 refund for Bonduelle + gifts when spinning the wheel: Shopping cart worth €100, Shopping cart worth €50 €, €1 rebates for promotional Bonduelle products. Link:50,000 rebates for Bonduelle + €50 and €100 shopping carts Mechanics: Register the purchase receipt of a Bonduelle product in promotion and spin the roulette. Bases Link Time: 3 Minutes + Purchase Time

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