50 free Domino’s pizzas for Eurovision

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Enjoy the gala Eurovision in style with one of the 50 pizzas free raffles Domino’s Pizza on his Instagram profile.

One more year, the great European music festival returns and, as always, Spain brings an original and unique proposal.

This time, in particular, a very powerful song has been chosen.

Unlike other years, this year’s song ‘SloMo’ is among the favorites at a European level so there really is a good chance of winning.

So if you want to put your grain of sand, you can participate in this draw and, incidentally, try your luck to win one of the 50 Dominos pizzas totally free.

How do I enter the Domino’s Pizza sweepstakes?

Take part

You can participate several times by tagging different people before the May 12 from 2022

On May 13, 2022, the winners will be announced so that, on Saturday may 14you can enjoy the grand finale along with your Dominos pizza.

Good luck!

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