4000 refunds of E5 for DormiNatur

From 8-9 you can register the purchase receipt of any product in the range DormiNatur in promotion and receive your €5 refund.

If you use DormiNatur products with melatonin that help to fall asleep naturally, this promotion is ideal to save and have a very good rest.

The Dorminatur products in promotion are:

Dorminatur Melatonin Tablets: It is a drug with Doxylamine indicated for people who suffer from occasional insomnia, it induces sleep conciliation thanks to its sedative properties.Dorminatur Melatonin Gummies: Its formula promotes good rest.Dorminatur Valerina: Relaxing infusion that promotes sleep.Dorminatur Triple Action: Promotes natural rest and enhances the renewing effects of sleep.

How do I get a refund from Dorminatur?

As of 8-9-22 purchase any product from the DormiNatur range and keep the purchase receipt.Access the «Dorminatur Cashback Promotion»Fill in the registration form with the requested data. Upload an image of the purchase ticket.

Request Refund

Refund conditions:

They will be made through bank transfer within a maximum period of 20 days after receipt of each ticket.

They are limited to one per person and bank account

They are limited to 4,000 refunds.

you have from the September 8th to the 31 October 2022 to request your refund, but they may run out sooner.

Go for it!

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type)Gift:4,000 refunds of €5 for DormiNaturLink:4,000 refunds of €5 for DormiNatur Mechanics: Register the purchase ticket for any product in the DormiNatur range and receive your refund Bases Not Found Time: 3 Minutes + Purchase Time

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