4000 free designer t shirts and 1 OPPO Find X5 mobile

If you want to live the summer to the fullest, don’t forget to participate in this promotion of OPPO in which they are distributed 4,000 t-shirts by Pilis Ferrer and raffle an OPPO Find X5 mobile.

But be very careful because in this promotion there is two ways to participateon the one hand there is the web game in which if you guess right you will get one of the designer t-shirts.

And on the other hand, there is the Challenge in the TikTok application that will be the one that gives you access to the mobile draw.

In any case, below I detail the different steps in each line of participation.

For now, keep the details of the gifts that are distributed:

4,000 t-shirts of design by Pilis Ferrer that will be distributed in order while stocks last valued at €9.071 OPPO mobile model FIND X5 PRO in white color valued at €1,299

How do I get the Oppo offer for free?

Promotion 4,000 free shirts:

Go into Raffle of 4,000 designer t-shirts.Answer the question about OPPOS products correctlyIf you answer correctly, fill in the form with your dataYou will receive an email with the details of the prize

get gift

TikTok challenge:

Follow on TikTok to @oppoespana.Use the filter «OPPO SUMMER- The Power of Living Summer»According to what appears in the filter, create a video or photo with the 2 elements that have appeared.And publish it on your profileFill in the final raffle form.

Take part

Design T-shirt Promotion Ends On August 31 2022 but participate before the 4,000 available t-shirts run out.

The TikTok Challenge will be valid until August 30th of 2022.

On August 31, 2022, the mobile winner will be chosen and will be contacted via email.

Very attentive because you will have 14 days to respond and accept your prize.

Good luck!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 4,000 designer t-shirts and 1 OPPO Find X5 mobile Link:4,000 free designer t-shirts and 1 OPPO Find X5 mobile Mechanics: Answer the question of the game, follow @oppoespana on TikTok, use the filter “OPPO SUMMER- El Poder De Vivir El Verano”, create a video or photo with the 2 items that have appeared and post it on your profileBasesEnlaceTiempo:3 Minutes + Shopping Time

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