quot40 years oldquot a series about the Malvinas Islands war

A new series about the Falkland Islands war, “40 years”arrived today at the Argentine platform Count. Composed of six episodes made by professionals and students from the National University of Rosario, it develops stories that were recorded in the same location and with up to four artists on stage.

Produced by Unicanal and with financing from the Federal Investment Council, the series premieres within the framework of the 40th anniversary of the war, with a new and current format, with the eyes of young students who review history to tell it.

The chapters have a cast made up of various talents that make up: Luis Machín, Francisco Alonso, Gladys Temporelli, Lorenzo Machín, María Inés Mascia, Leandro Federico, Miguel Bosco, Carolina Diez, Griselda Montenegro, David Zoela, Raúl Felipe Calandra, Mauro Sabella, Manuel Melgar, Santiago José Pereiro, Carolina Cano, Hernán Rossa , Zahir Perrín Schujman, Mateo Berti Tallarico, Milo Solari, Santino Resta, Julián Pesce, Adriano Espinosa Catalán, Adrián Giampani Y Miguel Franco.

“40 años” joins the productions on the shocking episode in our country that is still seeking historical reparation, such as the recent documentary “We were there too”directed by filmmaker Federico Strifezzo.

The film seeks to distinguish and honor the work of women in Malvinas, for which it includes interviews with Alicia Reynoso, Stella Morales Y Ana Massitowho also chatted with Filo.News within the framework of the premiere that is available to watch from the platform -also free- of Cine.Ar Play.

By Geeke