20000 free samples of Biotherm life plankton serum

We have an amazing promotion Biotherm where you can order one of the 20,000 free samples of the fabulous Life Plankton Elixir serum.

Edition 03-02-2022 00:11: sold out samples. If you have Telegram or are going to install it, we can notify you in real time when we find free samples of how it is so you don’t run out of it. You can join our channel at http://rymg.es/telegram.

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If you want to see samples of other brands that can still be ordered visit our section Active Free Samples.

With this serum You will be able to notice incredible changes in your face in a very short time, such as fewer wrinkles, more firmness and luminosity.

And it is that this product is specially designed as an effective anti-aging treatment for 8 days thanks to your fraction probiotic of Life Plankton of natural origin.

So do not stay without trying the fantastic Benefits on your face with the samples that they distribute in this campaign.

How do I get a free sample from Biotherm?

Request Sample

And that’s it, shortly you will be able to receive your sample at the address you have provided.

Keep an eye on your mobile phone and your notifications in case they need more information from your address when the samples are distributed.

Go for it!

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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