158000 Bacardi drinks and cocktails for E35 and E7

With “Amor de Barrio” by Bacardi can you get discounts for your drinks and cocktails in your favorite bars in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Seville.

The streets fill up again and the bars display all their charm to attract the public.

And for this, projects like this one from Bacardí, further motivate that classic drink in your neighborhood bar lifelong.

And it is that, on the web or the App of ‘Neighborhood Love’ you will have every 24 hours a new discount that you can redeem in the bars attached to this promotion.

take a look, and if any of your favorite bars is inside, do not hesitate and participate. Otherwise, go ahead and discover new proposals while enjoying these discounts.

Prepare your mobile device to get your Bacardi discount because this website only works from an Android or iOS mobile device.

In a few minutes you can get 1 discount that will make your cocktails cost €7 and your drinks €3.5

How do I get a Bacardi refund?

Access from your mobile to Bacardi’s Amor de Barrio website.Enter your year of birthYou can continue on the web, or download the Amordebarrio App at Android either iOS.Sign in or register on the webSearch the nearest bar on the magnifying glass iconChoose the cocktail or drink you want to get at a discountAnd download your QR code

Request Refund

You can only redeem 1 discount every 24 hours until October 16 from 2022

But hurry up to participate because this campaign is limited to 158,000 discounts

Go for it!

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type)Gift:158,000 Bacardí drinks and cocktails for €3.5 and €7Link:158,000 Bacardi drinks and cocktails for €3.5 and €7 Mechanics: Enter your year of birth, you can continue on the web, or download the Amordebarrio App on Android or iOs, log in or register on the web, look for the nearest bar on the magnifying glass icon, choose the cocktail or drink that you want to get with a discount and download your QR codeBasesNot foundTime:3 Minutes

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