14 years have passed since the death of Jorge Guinzburg

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A day like today, March 12, 2008, he left us Jorge Guinzburg with a legacy of laughter, occurrences and programs that challenged the times and transcended with their initiative.

Originally from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores. He finished high school in 1966 from where he took his lifelong friend, Carlos Abreyava.

In 1967 they began a Law degree together, which they abandoned shortly after. At that time, Guinzburg chose to enroll in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts while working as a taxi driver.

However, it was not until around ’72 or ’73 when his name began to be known because together with Abrevaya they began to work at Satiricón.

Years later La Noticia Rebelde would arrive with the conduction of Raúl Becerra, Adolfo Castelo, Guinzburg and Abrevaya, without a doubt, the cycle that changed his life.

Then came many more successes and with them friends, brothers and colleagues who adored him for life and remember him with deep emotion year after year.

On television, Guinzburg interviewed dozens of figures and stars such as Diego Maradona, Susana Giménez, Joaquín Sabina, Charly García and more; and his television series La Biblia y el calefón, Worse is nothing (along with Horacio Fontova), “Three sad tigers” (with Midachi) and his latest one, Informal mornings, transcended.

14 years after his death we remember him with some television moments that will remain forever in our hearts.

The day he shaved off his mustache, after losing a bet with Gastón Recondo

Funny moments, while driving channel thirteen mornings

One of his hundreds of interviews that do not go out of style

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