13 original and cheap gifts for your invisible friend

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The time of year has come when everyone has a mission: find the perfect gift for the secret friend. There are even people who need to look for more than one gift. Invisible friend with co-workers, with gym mates, with the soccer team, with lifelong friends and, as is my case, with family.

We do not always have the originality and creativity to know what to give. Either because we don’t know the other person very well, because we don’t feel like going to Amazon to look for gifts or simply because we have a limited budget.

That’s why I wanted to write this article / episode to give you some ideas and help you find the best tech gift what can you do.

are you coming with me?

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Technological gift ideas for less than €25

portable beverage warmer

Some time ago I told you about the Ember mug, a container that allows you to keep the temperature of your coffee or tea constant for hours. But maybe that cup is over budget for your invisible friend. For this reason, if someone who is a coffee grower has touched you, they may like this gift.

This plate is a smart cup warmer that allows to maintain the temperature of the container that you place on top. It is perfect for both home and office.

smart plug

smart plug

If the person who won the invisible friend draw loves home automation, you will undoubtedly be right by giving him a smart plug.

With this gadget you can program different functions at home and connect it with a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Home to automate actions.

You will surely benefit from it! I have a couple at home and the truth is that you can do interesting things. Everything is put 🙂

Bottle – thermos for winter and for summer

thermos bottle

Without a doubt, this has been one of the best gifts they gave me in summer. The Nerthus bottle is from stainless steel and thermos.

In summer keeps water cold more than 12 hours (I can assure you) It’s amazing!

It also works for winter. To carry hot coffee or tea in your backpack or bag.

I already tell you that it is a great gift that you can give to your invisible friend.

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reusable notebook

elfin reusable notebook

Without a doubt, one of the best gifts you can give if your invisible friend is fascinated by office supplies and notebooks is this reusable notebook.

In addition to being infinite because the content of the sheets can be erased, through a mobile application you can scan what you write or draw and upload it directly to the cloud.

You will surely surprise your partner with this notebook.

Discover more digital notebooks here.

The most practical minimalist wallet you can give as a gift

I have had this bag for more than two years and I am delighted with how useful and resistant it is.

This is the portfolio of Minimalism Brand. It is still an elastic band that allows you to tie up to 10 cards very tightly. It also has a kind of tab that when you pull it, the cards you use the most come out.

minimalism brand wallet

I have to say that if you usually carry loose, it is not your wallet because it has a very small pocket in which two or three coins fit. In fact, I have come to save more and after almost three years I already have it.

But for the rest, it is one of the best gifts you can give and for a pretty good price: €14.95

Gadgets to give to your co-workers for less than €20

Ring light for video conferencing

Another of the gifts you can make for those who work from home and do not have good lighting conditions is a light ring. It’s like a 6-inch ring with LED lights around it to illuminate the face directly but without disturbing.

light ring for video callsImage source: Amazon.co.uk

Have ten intensities and three lighting modes: warm, neutral white and cold white.

The good thing is that it can be attached to the monitor or laptop with a clip. In addition, it brings the screw system to be able to attach it to a tripod or camera as well.

It can also be a good complement for those who are youtubers or content creators. Here are more ideas for those creators 😉

cable organizer

13 original and cheap gifts for your invisible friend

If you can’t stand desk clutter and your co-worker has all the cables tangled up and not knowing which one goes with which, this can come in handy.

This sticker allows place the cables so they do not fall to the floor and a certain order is maintained without cables of all kinds beginning to invade you on your side of the table.

I have been using them for a long time and the truth is that they have not taken off yet and they perfectly fulfill their function.

Multiple charger cable

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If you are tired of always lending your cable to charge the mobile with this gift you can throw a indirect-direct to your colleagues.

The 3 in 1 cable allows you to charge both devices with port USB-C, lightning and micro USB. This way they will not have to worry about carrying different chargers, with just one they can charge practically any mobile and device.

usb wall charger

usb charger plug

I continue with the topic of cables and chargers because it is one of the most frequently discussed topics in an office. A gift that you can also make and that is quite useful is this USB wall charger with 3 ports.

So you can charge several devices at the same time without having a thief nearby.

This one from the AUKEY brand is pretty good if you want to take a look at it.

laptop stand

laptop support

Another gift that I have given on more than one occasion is this little gadget. It’s about a folding stand to raise the laptop to eye level and keep your back straighter when working.

We all have a colleague who manages to work 8 hours on a laptop but we know that it is not healthy. For this reason, what better than giving him a hand with his physical health and giving him this support.

Bag to transport accessories and gadgets from Ugreen

And to finish this selection, a gift for the most techies. If you have a person who tends to carry all the messy cables and devices, I recommend you take a look at the organizer for electronic accessories from Ugreen.

comparison ugreen alpaka bag

I have used it for a while and it is quite stiff. It resists possible blows very well. In addition, it has the capacity to store chargers, cards, plugs, headphones and even a mouse!

Here you can see the one I currently use

Thermal bag for tupperware

If, despite the pandemic we have experienced, you continue to go to the office every day and eat from a tupperware, this will interest you.

The Roll’eat brand sells products to transport food: snack holders, sandwich bags, Tupperware bags… I have this thermal bag that also turns into a tablecloth and when I went to the office it was a luxury to carry my food.

Here you can see what it occupies in my backpack.

large pocket backpack minimalism

usb fan

I close this section of secret friend gifts for your co-workers with a gadget to sow peace in the office.

1645684035 880 13 original and cheap gifts for your invisible friend

East mini usb table fan It is the best option you have to give to that colleague who is always hot (even if it is winter) and constantly lowers the heating. How about?

This is not everything

Continue with more doses of inspiration to make the best gifts. Remember that you are in the paradise of gadgets and innovative products. Discover hundreds of products here and get ideas to make the best gift.

And so far this selection of gifts for your invisible friend or friend. I hope I have been able to help you and give you ideas so that the task of buying these gifts is not so heavy 🙂

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