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Cooking is all about simple, delicious and healthy meals brought from the kitchen to the dining table. However, it can be time-consuming sometimes such that you get worn out by the time you sit down to enjoy your food. Nevertheless, having the right kitchen appliances can make the whole food preparation process much easier and enjoyable. The following are some of the kitchen gadgets that may seem basic but are actually very innovative.

1. Sensor Garbage Can

A garbage can is no doubt one of the most important kitchen essentials. However, when you think of how frequently you’ll need to discard trash, then a sensor garbage can come in handy. This innovative garbage can come with sensors that can detect hand movements. This means you won’t need to touch the lid when opening the can thus reducing the chances of contamination. Some top brands include iTouchless and Mainstays sensor trash cans.

2. Smart Toaster

If you like toasting bread, then a toaster is a must-have in your kitchen. However, sometimes over toasting can happen hence resulting in burnt slices. With a smart toaster, you can monitor the level of crispness via an interactive touch screen hence making the whole toasting process simpler. Some of the options available in the market today include Revolution Cooking and Breville Die smart toasters.

3. Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

An air fryer allows you to enjoy your favourite fried meal, in a healthier way. Nowadays, manufacturers have developed smart fryers that offer Wi-Fi connectivity options. One of the best options in the market is the COSORI Smart Air Fryer. This model has a 5.5 litre capacity and 11 preset cooking modes, including for steak and vegetables. Additionally, you can control its operation remotely with a smartphone.

4. Steam Countertop Oven

Steam countertop ovens have become quite popular in recent years. Unlike normal ovens which use dry heat, these particular kitchen appliances use moist heat. This means they steam food from within, hence providing a healthier alternative to traditional cooking. Furthermore, steam countertop ovens come with smart customization functions like a start timer and self-cleaning. Some good options include Cuisinart Steam Oven and Sharp Steam Countertop Oven.

5. Smart 4-Door Refrigerator

A fridge is one of the most important kitchen appliances. If your budget allows, get a smart 4-door refrigerator, and you won’t be disappointed. It comes with a massive, 634-litre capacity meaning you’ll have ample space to store your food items. In addition, it offers smart capabilities including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity which you can control through a touch-screen. Some top brands include Whirlpool and Samsung.

6. An Instant Wi-Fi Pot

Braise, sauté, steam and bake various dishes with an instant Wi-Fi Pot. This innovative smart cooker comes with a delay start feature which means you can prepare food in advance. Besides, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity that allows smartphone remote monitoring, and a mobile app that provides over 1,000 pre-programmed recipes. One of the best Instant Wi-Fi pots in the market is the Smart Wifi 6 Quart Multi-Cooker.

7. Smart Blender

A blender is a very helpful kitchen appliance which allows you to emulsify and mix food items. Even better is the smart blender that provides additional smart customization features. One of these is the “Auto Smoothie” feature which normally activates a smart, blending cycle. When the cycle stops, the feature automatically turns off the appliance, hence preventing over-blending. Some smart blender brands include Oster and Hamilton Beach.

8. Smart Sous Vide

Although cooking using sous vide has always been the preserve of professional kitchens, it’s increasingly becoming accessible to everyone. A sous vide uses a temperature-controlled water bath to cook food, but with a smart model, you’ll get more features. These include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which allow you to control the appliance remotely via a mobile app. Some popular options out there include Sousvide Supreme and Breville Joule.

9. Smart Oven Hood

A smart oven hood helps to maintain good air quality in the kitchen by removing chemicals and smoke. It comes with sensors that can detect the amount of impurities and even steam around the cooking area. When the levels of impurities exceed in the kitchen, the smart oven hood will automatically adjust to achieve the most conducive ventilation. Some popular smart oven brands include Bosch, GE and Forte.

10. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee-lover, owning this appliance will increase the love you have for this beverage. Brands such as Hamilton Beach and Atomi provide smart coffee makers that have Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity. You can brew, change settings and even get coffee notifications on your smartphone, without you being in the kitchen. And while sipping on the coffee from your smart coffee maker, you can check out some games at mobile phone casino.

11. Smart Meat Thermometer

Smart meat thermometers offer a kind of freedom you can never imagine. Like all smart appliances, this one also comes with full Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Using a smartphone, you can key in the specific temperature needed to cook your meat without you being near the grill box. Some of the smart meat thermometer brands in the market include ThermoPro TP20, MEATER plus and Inkbird.

12. Cordless Electric Kettle

A cordless electric kettle allows you to heat water for your coffee, tea and other hot beverages. Unlike other electric kettles, this appliance doesn’t have a cord which means you can move it easily around your kitchen. Apart from that, it also comes with an innovative timer and temperature controls as well as automatic ON/OFF settings. Some popular brands available include Cuisinart PerfecTemp, OXO Brew and Bodum Bistro.


The aforementioned are some innovative appliances you can consider having in your kitchen. The good thing is that not only are they useful but most of them are portable, easy-to-clean and pocket-friendly. Of course, this list is by no way exhaustive as there are hundreds of gadgets you can use in the kitchen. However, just start with these, and you’ll soon discover more even as you seek to enhance your cooking experience.

By Geeke