10000 Free Trial for Bepanthol Derma

Register the purchase receipt of a product Bepanthol Derma and get a refund of €13 on the body line and €20 on the facial line.

The products of the face and body line Bepanthol Derma are specially formulated for the care of dry and sensitive skin.

The Bepanthol Derma range of body treatments offers a relief immediate to the symptoms of dry skin and moisturizes it for up to 48 hours.

The Bepanthol Derma line of facial treatments protects against recurrent dryness, hydrating immediately and lastingly, up to 48 hours.

Refunds for the next products:

For the Bepanthol Body line, a maximum refund of €13. For the Bepanthol Facial line, a maximum refund of €20.

No 400 ml body lotions participate in the promotion.

How do I get a refund for Bepanthol Derma?

Buy a Bepanthol Derma facial or body line product on sale.Access the «Free Try Bepanthol Promotion».Fill in the registration form with the requested data. Upload an image of the purchase ticket.

Request Refund

You have time until March 31st of 2022 to acquire the product in promotion.

The period to register the purchase ticket will be extended until April 30th of 2022.

Refund conditions:

Only one unit of the Product per purchase receipt will be refunded. A single refund will be made per Applicant and bank account. The refund will be made by bank transfer within a maximum period of 30 working days.

Request your refund and take maximum care of your skin for less money!

You can consult the legal bases on the same page of the promotion, (from here it does not let me link them).

(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: 10,000 for Bepanthol Derma products Link:10,000 for Bepanthol Derma products Mechanics: Register the purchase ticket for any of the Bepanthol Derma products: Body Line and Facial Line to request your refund. Rules You can check the legal rules on the same page as the promotion, (it won’t let me link to them from here). Time: 3 Minutes + Shopping Time

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