10000 Free Samples of Iris Absolu by Lancome

We have a new ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram from which they are distributing free samples of the perfume Iris Absolu of lancôme.

As you surely know being an advertisement there is no link direct that we can give to request the sample, but below I will comment on the steps to follow to try to obtain it.

Iris Absolute is the new fragrance from Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle range.

From what we read it is a perfume more intense than its predecessors, making it ideal for those looking for more power and durability.

Between his grades main ones are iris, bergamot, tangerine, jasmine and orange blossom.

How do I get a free sample from Lancome?

Facebook and Instagram ads are more likely to appear while browsing these social networks, if you follow a few steps. In this case it would be follow the brand in Facebook either instagram and interact with their publications. That is, like, comment, etc. Once this is done, check your newsfeed (the publications that Facebook or Instagram shows you) and if the ad appears, request the sample at that time.

get sample

You will have to fill out a simple form in that case.

I hope it comes out quickly, it came out right when I entered 😊

Note: I leave an estimated end date of the promotion, below, to follow up.

The information reflected in this article is dated 03-31-2023. Almost all of the content on which we report is organized by third parties and therefore is alien to us. This makes it necessary that, when visiting them, you check if the conditions that exist at that moment in their media continue to be the same.

Written on: 03-31-2023 | (Valid until: 04-02-2023 or while stocks last) | by Laura | Comment

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