10000 free samples of Idole Nectar by Lancome

New announcement on Facebook and Instagram from which to request free samples of the fragrance Idol Nectar by Lancôme.

being a ad Follow the brand and check your social networks to see if the publication comes out and thus be able to order the sample.

In this case it seems that the ad is coming out quite a bit.

Idole Nectar is a fragrance emerged from a new olfactory styleClean Cyprus.

Its notes hide the secret of a floral heart that combines two essences, an absolute and a rose water that come together to create a unique essence.

Lancome pays tribute with Idôle Nectar to all the strong, pioneering and optimistic women who together make the world move forward and whose dreams fly high and know that there is no ceiling that limits them.

How do I get a free Lancôme sample?

Enter the profile of Facebook either Instagram by LancômeFollow the brand and interact with posts.Check your newsfeed for the ad.

Get Sample

If this is the case, fill out the form to have the sample sent home.

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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