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What are Aliexpress Freebies and how do I get them?

In order to get Freebies from Aliexpress you must have the application for mobiles from Aliexpress, you can get it here, it is the only way to get the Freebies. In addition, buying through the Aliexpress mobile application has the advantage that purchases are always worth 1.5 dollars less What if you buy it on the web? There are also other advantages. Some of these advantages are the mobile games where you can win coins and other sections not available to users of the website. One of these sections is “Freebies”. It is shown as a gift box icon. In the “Freebies” you can win products for $0.01.

If you don’t know how to buy on Aliexpress I’ll teach you with this guide, it’s free! Enter the definitive guide of Aliexpress

What are Aliexpress Freebies and how do they work?

It is not easy to win a freebie and more if you are a new user, only the most active users on Aliexpress have the opportunity to win them.

Freebies work like this:

Every morning different products come out in the section. Users request the products they want for $0.01 and the bot approves or denies the request. The list of participants usually comes out normally in a week. The freebies program selects the most active participant of those registered in the product that you want to obtain for $0.01. The winner pays 0.01 and receives the Freebie.

Important: It is only possible to request 2 products per day.

You can get great products such as mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, drones, etc. These products have higher user participation rate therefore the Aliexpress Freebie will be more difficult to get.

Important: Sometimes sellers raffle more than one product at the same time, you can see that in the mobile application.

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What does the seller get in exchange for the promotion? With this they manage to publicize their product and get qualifications.

Important: You do not have to pay the shipping costs, if the seller asks you to pay the shipping costs, reject it, since it violates the conditions of the draw.

The draw system is quite simple, you just have to understand what criteria Aliexpress follows to choose the winners.

How to win Aliexpress Freebies

you must be a active userThus:

Place frequent orders on Aliexpress, more than once a month. It must be a product above $6 in order to get more chances in the draw. Please leave comments and photos when you receive a product buying on Aliexpress. Regularly enter the Aliexpress application (Even if it is to take a look at the products) Add stores, products, etc. to your favorites.

If you do this regularly, you will surely you will win some freebieThis doesn’t mean that you won’t win by not doing the above, but you will have fewer chances to win a freebie.

Can an inactive user win a Freebie?

Yes, only if the competition of users in the product is low, as a general rule these products are usually products that cost less than 2$.

How to increase the possibility of winning an Aliexpress Freebie

Do not stop leaving comments and posting photos of the products you buy, in addition to entering every day and requesting Freebies (2 a day) the day will come when the system selects you as a winner.

Once you win a Freebie and leave an opinion and photo of the product you will surely have more opportunities to win future Freebies, leaving a comment of the product you win is requiredif you don’t rating will drop and you will have to start over to get new freebies.

Don’t forget to add real photos, share your experience and tips. Please do not try to leave only positive feedback. If you didn’t like something about the product, mention it in the text. Sellers appreciate the real and honest reviews, not the random comments. Try not to leave short reviews like “The product was good”. The program will not count it as an active action.

How to request “Freebies” on Aliexpress

All you need to do is request a product in the “Freebies” section.

This is how you do it:

1-Discover the available products.

Aliexpress Freebies Ultimate Guide to Win

2-Check the terms of the request.

The product will remain active for 7 days and the winner is selected within the 3-4 days after completion of the request. Therefore, the maximum term to know if you have won will be 10 to 11 days.

3-Complete the application.

1645639726 717 Aliexpress Freebies Ultimate Guide to Win

4-Check the status of the Freebie in the “My freebies” section

The statuses that can come out are: “Pending” “Won” or “Not Won”

1645639726 396 Aliexpress Freebies Ultimate Guide to Win

5-Once you have requested the Freebie, do not forget to add the store to Favorites.

Because if you don’t you won’t win the freebie.

1645639726 584 Aliexpress Freebies Ultimate Guide to Win

6- If you see that “Won” appears in the status, you are the winner.

Please make sure the correct shipping address and zip code are specified in your account. If you win, the prize will be sent exactly to the address indicated.

Don’t see the Freebies section on Aliexpress?

Make sure you are in the mobile application since you will not find it in the web version, download it here.

If you have problems with the application and you don’t see the Freebies section on mobile, try this:

Scroll down and you will see 3 points, click on it and you will see the Freebies section, many times it is hidden there. Change the language of the application and then go back to using the language you had. Check that you have the latest update of the application. If the above points do not work, please contact Aliexpress customer service support.

In summary, Aliexpress Freebies are not easy to get, they are focused on people who are usually active on Aliexpress but it does not mean that you cannot win some, you just have to follow the steps that I have described in this tutorial, do not stop trying remember what is free.

By Geeke